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Good and Evil. Causes of Hatred and Love

There exist the morals of primitive people — and the objective ethics suggested by God.

The principles of the former are the following:

1. If I am being beaten or killed, it is bad! If I beat or kill, it is good!

2. If something was stolen from me, it is bad! If I have stolen something, it is good!

3. If someone does pleasant things for me, it is good! If they cease to do it for me, it is bad; I will hate them for this and will revenge!

4. Everyone (or almost everyone) around me (around us) are enemies! I fear and hate them all!

And so on.

Let me note that these and other principles of such primitive people have one common cause — egocentrism, i.e. love for oneself, wanting something from others (sometimes to their detriment) for oneself.

Such morals are typical of many representatives of lower stages of intellectual development. This leads them to evolutionary degradation, to formation of bad karma for the future, to hell.

What concerns the ethics of God, it is based on the opposite principles. God points out that on the Path to Him we have to become similar to Him. And He is Love, Wisdom, Power, and Subtlety.

The first quality which He suggests for us to master is multi-aspect love — as the qualities of tenderness, gratitude, respect for those deserving it, caring for others, forgiving others, regarding the interests of others higher than one’s own interests, life for the sake of others, self-sacrificial deeds for the sake of others.

This is the difference between good and evil.

I should also note that correct or incorrect education plays a great role in introducing certain moral principles into the mentality of masses. It is important not only with regard to children but also with regard to adults: to those who are adult by the age of their bodies, not by the age of souls. After all, people of lower levels of intellectual developments — like children — are not capable of choosing a life credo for themselves. They form their moral principles by imitating others or by being subjected to someone else’s authority. And unfortunately it happens quite often that it is the authority of very egocentric primitive individuals…

This is why it is so important to PREACH THE TRUTH!

* * *

In every significantly large population of people there are always representatives of different levels of evolutionary advancement. Among them there are those incarnated from hell, from paradise, and sometimes from the Divine eons.

Another criterion of differentiation between souls is the soul’s size. That is in every one of the above-mentioned groups, souls can differ by their size [7]. And the accumulated ‘mass’ of the consciousness determines, in particular, one’s capabilities of influencing people.

Now it must be clear to the readers that not all souls coming to incarnation are ‘little angels’: souls are very different.* What does it depend on in every particular case? It depends on the accordance of the destinies of the parents and the destiny of the soul to be incarnated.

* * *

Once I carried out experiments [3] which were very important for understanding of this subject.

In these experiments, male pups born from mixed-breed dogs were taken away from the mothers before their eyes open. They were raised in pairs inside cages isolated from visual contacts with dogs in neighbor cages. The pairs were composed of pups-brothers.

In the beginning, all pups looked like ‘little dog angels’, which is well known to dogs owners.

But when they had achieved the stage of pubescence, differentiation of their characters began. They subdivided into three qualitatively different groups: dogs with aggressive behavior (especially concerning food), dogs with passive-defensive behavior, and dogs with active-defensive behavior. The latter never showed aggression themselves, but they actively defended from attacks of others and won.

Given the fact that the conditions of birth and raising were the same for all of these dogs, the only reason of such bright differences of their characters is related to the qualities of incarnated souls. That is, these qualities were formed in the souls in their past incarnations.

There was another important conclusion made from these experiments: aggressive animals living in pair with a non-aggressive stronger partner, who repulsed successfully all acts of aggression, became with time non-aggressive too. Then their aggressive behavior was never manifested again, including contacts with dogs from other pairs.

Thus the effectiveness of the principle of ‘coercion into peace’, coercion by power into living peacefully with others was fully proven in these experiments.

One should understand that these regularities of social life are common not only for dogs but also for all animals and for people of lower levels of intellectual development.

* * *

What does one need to do if he or she wants to become better before God but does not how to do it?

First, one has to study carefully what God suggests to us in this regard. Among other things, our books can be helpful [5-20], which include a collection of texts on this subject. Then one can accelerate significantly the process of spiritual self-transformation with the help of the methods of psychical self-regulation [11].

Thus everyone can become a representative of Good.

Someone may object: how can one fulfill this if there is so much evil around?!

But this very evil also has its own place in the Evolutionary Process.* With its help people of Good cognize what they should not be. Also with the help of evil, God corrects the way of development of people of Good by arranging their contacts with representatives of evil — under His full control. The author of this book cognized it very well in his own life experience in particular (see [7-8,11]). Probably there are not many people who lived their lives in as severe conditions as I did! But I managed to achieve victory thanks to, among other things, those representatives of human scum who were brought to me by God in order to help me.*

You, too, can win! The Path was paved for you!


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