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Some people believe that there is no God.

Others say that there is God, but He is incognizable.

I know God very well; I communicate with Him as much as I want; I hear His directions, recommendations; I see Him in the Aspects of the Holy Spirit and of the Creator. Jesus Christ, Babaji from Haidakhan, Sathya Sai Baba, and other Greatest Ones — communication with Them is not difficult, especially at Their working sites [11].

With confidence I can say that God is more visible for me than bodies of incarnated people.

Someone may ask: �How can it be?�

But God is very large! And the Holy Spirits are giant! After all, the Creator fills with Himself all the universal Infinity!

Then why not everyone can see Him?

Because I, in contrast to almost all people, indeed strived sincerely to lead an ethically impeccable way of life. And I dedicated almost 40 years to spiritual transformation of myself — with the purpose of cognition of Him and telling others about Him.

And I have managed to fulfill this because during all these years my motive for work was love for Him, for His entire Creation, and for all units of life including incarnated people.

How do I feel myself now? What do I mean by saying �I� when I talk about myself? Is there self-conceit, self-praise, self-advertisement? No. I simply do not feel myself. I have dissolved myself in Him. When I need to say �I� — it is nothing more than a way of speaking: otherwise it would be impossible to tell my thoughts to interlocutors; the speech would become unintelligible.

And, as you can see, I quite adequately express my thoughts. And no one can reproach me for inadequate behavior. (�No one� except for aggressive primitives, thieves, alcoholics, killers, and other degenerated individuals, who regard their way of life as a �norm�).

A few companions of mine who have managed to traverse this Path together with me can say the same about themselves.

The age of my body is more than 60 now. I entered on the Path of spiritual search when it was 27. As God gave me new methods of spiritual development, I shared them with my friends. And as these methods were accumulated, the stairway of spiritual ascent was formed of them. Then I began to give courses of teaching the art of psychical self-realization [7,11] — in different cities and countries, in particular.

However, out of thousands involved in this process only a few have managed to achieve the summit. Why? The answer to this question must be clear to you now.

In the latter years, neither I nor anyone of people known to me give such practical classes. The methodology in general, concrete initial methods, and many �milestones� and �overtones� of the Path are well described by me and my colleagues in many books published in several languages, demonstrated in films, shown in photo galleries, etc.

In general I can tell the following about the system developed as a result of this work.

Its creation began with my desire to become better, to cognize God, and to help others in this task. When I began this search, I strived to include in it all the best that I found in the history of spirituality on the Earth. And God helped me in this. In particular, He became my direct spiritual Guide, my Guru.

The task of this system is to create the necessary preconditions for achievement of energetical purity of the organism and ethical purity, which is essential for successful advancement: after all God does not allow unworthy people approach Him! It includes psycho-energetical methods, materials on classics of spiritual philosophy, published instructions of Divine Teachers, and necessary theoretical knowledge on the methodology of spiritual development.

One may ask: to which religious direction does this system belong?

It represents of itself integral knowledge and can be regarded as modern developed Hesychasm, as realization of the ideas of yoga, of Sufism, of Taoism, of Buddhism, and of all other spiritual directions that have a healthy basis, also realization of the precepts of Thoth-the-Atlantean, Pythagoras, and other Representatives of the Creator.

The central part of this system consists in working with the spiritual heart. First, one has to purify and develop the chakra anahata, then to begin to grow from it as a spiritual heart in the direction of refinement of the consciousness and direct growth of the consciousness. It is thanks to progress on this Path that one cognizes God in all of His Aspects. It is by this Path that all Those Who have achieved the Creator came to Mergence with Him.

* * *

To lead people to Perfection, to cognition of God — what wrong can one find in this? Nevertheless during all years of my spiritual service, I encountered many times violent hostility from the side of primitive envious persons and from servants of hell. Threats and attempts of punishment, promises to burn me alive, requirements to leave the country forever in two weeks, and even a real killing of me that resulted in two clinical deaths, etc. — such things constantly happened to me on this Path (see more details in [7-8]). There were also police investigations, slander spread through the Internet� For example, slanderers asserted that I was an alcoholic and was treated for alcoholism, that I was a patient of mental hospital, that I founded a religious sect, that I arranged classes on group sex�

Such attempts to defile something pure are the favorite occupation of primitive people�

In the USSR there was an absurd sect created by a mentally ill person, Nikolay Antonov*. It was condemned by the Orthodox Church and included into a list of destructive sects. It was called �the school of Antonov�. And some people decided to attribute the �glory� of that sect, created by my namesake, to me!� I was vilified by them in the Internet for many years!

But my only relation to sectarianism consists in the fact that I studied the activity of many sects and opposed them by publishing scientific knowledge in my books.

To make it more clear I should note that the term sect denotes a significantly large association of people in the form of a religious organization which is distinguished by its own peculiar ritualism, by its false worldview and false understanding of the tasks of man in religious and social fields of life. Probably no one would contest also the statement that in such religious organizations their members usually pay money to the leader and worship him or her.

As for me, there were no such things in my activity — even in plans or in thoughts.

� Thus God tested the firmness and steadfastness of my love-aspiration for Him, my readiness to serve Him self-sacrificially.

Well, now I may say that I have managed to pass all these trials successfully.

* * *

In Islam there is the following formula: �Allah Akbar!� — �God is Great!�. It can be very useful not only for Muslims but for all other people, and not necessarily in Arabic pronunciation.

The Creator is indeed great! He is Infinite in space and time. He is the Universal Ocean of the Subtlest Truly Living Eternal and Infinite Consciousness. And He possesses the qualities of perfect Love, Wisdom, and Power.

He waits us in Himself, invites us to enter Him, to infuse into Him — so that we become Parts of Him and in this state participate in the Evolutionary Process by helping incarnated beings.

The Path to Him is described. It includes two main directions of work: development of oneself and work on helping others.

And let our memory about His Blissful Greatness attract us to His Infinity and accelerate our advancement toward Him!

So, let everyone remember: God is Great! And He calls us to merge into Him!



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