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"... spiritual heart... energetic structure of the human organism... that is responsible for producing emotions of love."

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Spiritual Heart as the Organ of Love

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Spiritual Heart as the Organ of Love

The most fundamental landmark in the beginning of the spiritual Path is realization of functions of the spiritual heart (the energy of the anahata chakra, or the middle dantyan). This energetic structure of the human organism is the organ that is responsible for producing emotions of love.

Very few people have a developed anahata chakra "from birth" (i.e. from the previous incarnation). Some women succeed in "opening up" the functions of this organ in harmonious marriage, since the female organism with its typical hormones and erogenous mammary glands, directly connected to the anahata, and which also provides a possibility to perfect one's love by taking care of children, gives the souls incarnated into female bodies a matchless advantage over the "stronger" (in coarseness and violence) sex.

For the rest of people use of special psychic techniques which have been developed by spiritual schools of Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and other religious traditions remains the only possibility to change themselves dramatically. (In the next chapters of this book you will find a sequence of methods developed by our school that gives, in our opinion, the optimal effect in terms of speed and efficiency).

* * *

God is Love. He asserts this Himself [7-9,14]. Everyone who has really cognized God can also confirm this. And in order to become Godlike we have to become Love in the literal sense of this word.

One begins to accomplish this with accustoming oneself to steadfastly living with concentration of consciousness in one's anahata chakra. That gets the energy of consciousness into the state of emotional love. After that one gradually expands in this state so as to become significantly larger than one's body and then to encompass the whole Earth with one's anahata, and then to embrace God with oneself turned into Love� In this way one can become a "universal anahata" and infuse oneself into the Ocean of the Universal Creator.

* * *

But in order realize this simple scheme one has to do a great deal of work. The problem is that He does not admit the unworthy.

And now we will start to talk about realization of this scheme � gradually, from the very beginning, � in order to help the unworthy become worthy of complete spiritual Self-Realization even in this incarnation.


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spiritual heart ... energetic structure of the human organism... that is responsible for producing emotions of love