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"Love is the major quality of God. In order to merge with Him (or even to escape hell, to begin with) we have to learn to feel emotions of love and to perform deeds of love, to eliminate all the opposite states and acts, whatever external conditions we live in".

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Love is the major quality of God. In order to merge with Him (or even to escape hell, to begin with) we have to learn to feel emotions of love and to perform deeds of love, to eliminate all the opposite states and acts, whatever external conditions we live in.

Love is the main thing that God wants from us. And we do not have any other possibility to cognize Him and to merge with Him unless we transform ourselves into Love.

Love is special emotional states; in other words — this is a state of the energy of consciousness. And consciousness (a soul) is what every one of us is in reality.

Every time we going out from the state of love we alienate ourselves from God. "Every going out from the state of love leads to accumulation of bad karma" — this is what God told me once [4,11,14,16].

People blame their misfortunes and diseases on anyone but themselves. Even though it is always themselves who are to blame. I illustrated this with examples from my own life in the book [16].

It is of paramount importance for us to understand that the stable and confident state of love can only be achieved through practicing special psychic self-regulation techniques that should include working with chakras, primarily with the anahata chakra. (We will describe these methods in the following chapters of this book).

In the ancient Christianity a special method of "opening up" the spiritual heart was developed, which got named "the Jesus' prayer". Adepts were supposed to constantly repeat a special prayerful appeal to Jesus, and after years of practice some of them succeeded in making the prayer "break through" into their spiritual hearts — and this made them realize what Love really was. After that had happened the whole life of the person dramatically changed (see [16] for details).

Later, when Bryanchyaninov-type demonism acquired dominating positions in the Russian Orthodoxy, they started to talk that the "secrets of "the Jesus' prayer" got lost"…

…Once God, seeing my sincere aspiration towards Him and my strong desire to help people, helped me to create tremendously efficient system of methods on "opening up" and development of the spiritual heart. Some of these methods were described in several books of mine [11,13,15,16] and were widely taught in Russia and some other countries some time ago.

However, I need to mention that out of thousands of students only few were able to attain the actual and quite complete cognition of God-the-Father. What was the reason for "dropping out" of the rest? It was their inability to thoroughly comprehend the points of the "Babaji's formula".

The overwhelming majority of the students were lacking that intensive aspiration towards cognition of God, which could allow them to switch their attention to Him from the objects of the material world. Other gave in to the threats of Bryanchyaninov's sectarians.

The psychic techniques per se are incapable to make a person attain God; they can only play the role of wonderful and necessary aids. But the main prerequisite of success is the ability of an adept to comprehend with his developed intellect the entirety of the Truth and to build a steadfast loving aspiration towards the main Goal, in other words — to fall in love with the Creator.

True spiritual Path necessarily implies complex development of a person. It should first include intellectual and ethic as well as psycho-energetic components.

A person also cannot successfully cultivate real love only by performing exercises with the anahata chakra during the meditation classes. The developing love should fill the whole life of a person and to pervade all his activities.

It should be manifested in constantly being with concentration of consciousness in the anahata chakra, in sincere respectful and tactful attitude towards every person whether one knows them or not, in the ability to forgive and forget insults quickly, without taking revenge, as well as in behavior that excludes any possibility to offend or aggrieve someone wrongly.

Love should have a sacrificial component of willingness to help others even if it goes to one's own detriment, interests of those who deserve this help should be given a higher priority than one's own.

Love must be directed not only towards God and people, but also towards animals and plants; nobody may think that their love is developed if they are still able to kill or maim plants unnecessarily, if they allow themselves to eat bodies of animals for the sake of satisfying their gluttony. God has been repeatedly pointing at the necessity of pure "cruelty-free" nutrition: among Those Who were telling about this are Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Babaji; now this is being preached by Sathya Sai Baba [7-8,14]5.

But leaders of degenerated religious sects insist on the diametrically opposite — for the sake of preserving for themselves the "right" to sin and maintaining mass attendance of their churches — by those people, whom they deceive and who pay for living expenses of those false pastors.

Love should be irreproachable in relationships with children. Let it be expressed in being incapable of getting irritated. Although being demanding in teaching children discipline and honesty should not be excluded — in the interests of the children in the first place.

Everyone should analyze qualities of their love in the sexual sphere, since this is where human vices usually get manifested very dramatically.

Any kinds of violence or constraint in sex — even in the verbal form or in thought — are examples of the behavior which is opposite to love.

Carelessness of a man as to prevention of an unwanted pregnancy is another example of the same type of behavior.

Passiveness of the woman during a sexual intercourse when she is not aiming to present the man with her love but egotistically expects only satisfaction for herself, being able to resent him for doing something "wrong" — is a phenomenon of the same nature. (Since all people differ by features of their sexuality, and the new partner never knows in advance how to satisfy one better).

True sexuality is an art of presenting one's partner with oneself and one's love through sexual relationships. And only a combination of sincere and giving love on the side of both partners can lead to attaining harmony in sexual relationships.

I am sure that many women would benefit from reading the wonderful book of Barbara Keesling [27], which promotes the practice for women of presenting their sexual love as a gift. Although I would not recommend doing everything that is written there. For example, practicing oral sex regularly increases the risk of transmitting infections dramatically. Also, sexual relationships with many partners are absolutely incompatible with serious spiritual Path: during a sexual intercourse between partners an intensive energy exchange takes place, which leads to taking on possible energetic coarseness, impurities and diseases of the partner [9,14,16,28].

I spent many years working in sexual psychology and physiology fields: at that time — during the atheistic period of my personal development — I wanted to make people happy by helping them reach harmony in marriage and raise healthy children.

But once I experienced consequences of a grotesque egotism of a woman who asked me for sexological help because of her inability to reach orgasm. Here I will tell this story in details since this will allow us to examine a whole range of the most important ethic issues. She had been sincerely grateful to me for that help, which was a difficult act of self-sacrifice on my side, for almost a year. After many months we met "accidentally" at a class, to which I was invited. She did not want to perform exercises then, she wanted only to sit and cuddle up to my body. She was talking only about her sexual progress. I got shocked — and gave her an audio tape with my lecture on incompatibility of sexual amusements with the spiritual Path. She took offence that resulted in her revenging herself by accusing me… of raping her. And she invented a really disgusting story. Although I do not have a slightest sign of violence or excessive sexuality. What I did then at her request, with the full consent and collaboration from her side, — I did not do it for myself, but only for her, carefully masking my dislike so that not to hurt her feelings.

With her slander she infuriated a gang of primitives against me, which one of my ex-disciples who deviated from the path to God had formed. And they attacked me from an ambush and mortally injured my body thus having doomed it to a slow and painful death.

Later God returned me into the same body and helped to find ways of healing it [16]. I became better having come through this ordeal: in this way God released me from the attachment to the huge crowd of disciples whose potential in the spiritual work for that time had already been exhausted, and I switched my attention exclusively to Him, became a true monk and over a short period of time walked a large part of the homestretch of my Path to Him.

But the members of that gang, who were calling themselves a "spiritual group", even when they found out that I had been slandered, never repented, never did anything in extenuation of their fault despite the fact that I decided not to avenge myself and saved them from criminal prosecution for what they had done.

They just "visited church", obtained "forgiveness of sins" — and that was it…

By the way, let us think: did that "priest" help them then — or did he do harm to them? What would be better for the killers: to be guided to deep repentance and making attempts to become better — or to leave having been comforted by lies and self-satisfied?…

…Everyone creates their destiny themselves, using the free will granted by God. Some people develop themselves in sacrificial love by helping others. Some cultivate freakish egotism, hate, rudeness and brutality. The former — by enduring and forgiving, not getting "mixed up" in conflicts and preserving themselves through this in love and longing for God — attain Him. The latter become "garbage of the Evolution". The former can be called true Christians. But the latter, although they attend temples with crosses upon the domes… — what can one call them?

After that incident some people were perplexed: how come? why did I not "punish" all those scums?

But what could the punishment be?

To give the names, telephone numbers and home addresses of the leader and one of the members of that gang to the police? This would have been enough to get all of them "going down". But the question that made me refuse this idea then was: would have they become better after "doing their time"? They would have not!

Or maybe to beat them up, to cripple them — one at a time — would have been right? But this would not have made them better as well. Just like in the first revenge option they would have only become worse from the evolutionary standpoint by becoming more established in their emotional coarseness. Since by using violence we can make a person stop doing something at best. He may even apologize (not sincerely), but his soul is not going to lighten and he will not repent.

What if I killed them? But one can only kill the body. The man himself remains anyway. Moreover, he loses the opportunity to improve in this incarnation. Only atheists and "believers" of the same level of development as the members of that gang kill or cripple others when avenging themselves.

This is why I am one hundred percent sure that my decision was right: to give them an opportunity to purify themselves through repentance — perhaps in many years, when they mature. Maybe my books will help them also. But in case they do not repent — they have already programmed terrible lessons into their destinies… What punishment can be worse that that?

I recounted this story in order to clarify the objective meaning of the urgent recommendations of the true religion of God: we should not avenge ourselves [14].

But we may look at two more sides of this problem.

The first is that it was God Who created the whole situation of my murder. Just like He created situations of all murders and all crimes. And the point is that He did it for me. Who am I supposed to "revenge" myself on, then?…

I know that this sounds blasphemous for adepts of primitive religious sects: they are sure that all "evil" is done by mighty devil, whom the feeble old man — good God — is unable to defeat…

But if we understand the truth that God-the-Father is the universal Ocean of Consciousness that always exists next to each cell of our bodies and all devils and demons are just insignificantly small drops of primitive consciousnesses, absolutely dependent on that Ocean of Wisdom, Power and Love, and the plan of the Ocean is not to serve us on Earth, creating paradisiacal life conditions at any price, but to lead us to becoming Perfect and to merging into Him — only then the role of God-Teacher in the life of every one of us and the Wisdom and Might of His Perfect Love can become clear to us.

…And another side of this problem is that nothing must distract us in our aspiration towards God: neither new sexual adventures, nor accumulation of mundane wealth, nor earning respect of people, nor "enemies". All these are traps for those who do not love God.

But those who really love God — they go to Him without distracting for anything unnecessary.

And revengefulness is a striking manifestation of a man's lower self that is opposite to the Higher Self of God.

* * *

…Our sexuality has been conceived by God not only as a means of reproduction, but also as a method of spiritual development. Since it contributes to the growth of such aspects of love as tenderness, care, self-giving, merging of two consciousnesses into one, which prepares one to the Mergence with the Consciousness of the Supreme Beloved — the Creator. Sexual love can directly contribute to the development of the spiritual heart, which we have already discussed. It also teaches us Peace (if everything is going alright), which is an indispensable component of Perfection, one of the qualities of God, which we need to master.

But all this relates only to the sattvic, pure sexuality of people who make real progress on the spiritual Path. In this case it does accelerate their advancement significantly.

But sexuality of coarse and egotistic people who do not possess developed spiritual hearts can be disgusting and lead them to hell.

Spreading of perverted "Christianity" that has lost love became a damnation for spiritual evolution of many people of Earth. Among other things it pronounced anathema against sexual love and declared renunciation of it a "Christian feat". It profaned all conceptions by calling them "defiled" as opposed to the "immaculate" (i.e. without a man) conception of the mother of Jesus Christ that allegedly took place. A real cult of the Blessed Virgin's hymen was created. (She must be really upset to see all this fuss around the fabulous features of her genitals!) The human body itself, especially the female body, was declared shameful. "Decent" people felt shy even to say the word "legs". The words that related to the sexual subject were declared "indecent" and transformed into cursing — means of defiling other people. In this way the language of the tamas guna — "mat" (Russian obscene language) was created.

And how could a pure attitude to sexuality form in people who regard it as an odious "vice", who hate sexuality in themselves and especially in others. But without this kind of attitude one can hardly succeed in refinement of consciousness, development of love and getting close to God.

People started to fear what in reality could help them to become better. Men called to hate women exactly for what women could help them with. Since women are in general significantly more refined than men, if for no other reason than their hormonal status. And by this characteristic they are closer to God.

Jesus Christ taught the same [7,14,23] in His addressing to men:

"Respect her, uphold her. In acting thus you will win her love and will find favor in the sight of God…

In the same way, love your wives and respect them…

Be lenient towards woman. Her love ennobles man, softens his hardened heart, tames the brute in him, and makes of him a lamb.

The wife and the mother are the inappreciable treasures given unto you by God. They are the fairest ornaments of existence….

Even as God separated the light from the darkness and the land from the waters, woman possesses the divine faculty of separating in a man good intentions from evil thoughts.

Therefore I say unto you, after God your best thoughts should belong to the women and the wives, woman being for you the temple wherein you will obtain the most easily perfect happiness. Imbue yourselves in this temple with moral strength. Here you will forget your sorrows and your failures, and you will recover the lost energy necessary to enable you to help your neighbor.

Do not expose her to humiliation. In acting thus you would humiliate yourselves and lose the sentiment of love, without which nothing exists here below.

Protect your wife, in order that she may protect you and all your family. All that you do for your wife, your mother, for a widow or another woman in distress, you will have done unto your God." /Life of Saint Issa, 12:13-21/.

But "Christianity" (and not only "Christianity")… called woman "the source of sin" and prescribed to cover her body in any possible way. In Russia for many centuries women had to wear special long dresses when bathing and even to sleep in clothes. In Russian Bryanchyaninov-type monasteries they still keep a strict control over this rule: "What if you die in your sleep — you will appear before the Lord naked! What a shame it will be!".

Another example of a similar kind of abomination is declaring some children "illegitimate" and holding up to shame the motherhood of those women to whom God entrusted the upbringing of those children.

…We need to understand that it is people of the tamas guna who live immersed in vice and who do not see anything except for it, while possessing aggressiveness, seize the "reins of government" in the originally holy religious movements and gradually turn them around into the opposite direction, warping the doctrine of God to its exact antithesis.

In the sexual aspect of life they — while belonging to hell themselves, obsessed with passion for violence, defilement and satisfaction of their egotistic lust — are unable to imagine that for other people, the sattvic ones, sexuality is not a lust but a way of giving their love, presenting themselves as a gift. And that this may be their way of serving God!

…Monasteries were originally designed as spiritual schools. But in the Bryanchyaninov-type monasteries — in both male and female ones — monks are not being taught anything good. These monasteries are just huge "communal flats", where irritation and hostility boil up, where "killed food" is served even during official fasts and where people apart from monotonous standard prayers are busy with regular household activities.

They are allowed to wash their bodies once in two weeks. This is called "mortification of the flesh". And their bodies do suffer from diseases, aggravating already grave states of their souls.

In addition to this many inhabitants of the monasteries "burn" with sexual passion, which they hate so much. While, maybe it is this passion that they are trying to hide from behind the walls of the monasteries?

With a rare exception monks possess an outstanding coarseness of the souls — both men and elder women. "Bryanchyaninovtsy" accustom them to permanently living in negative emotions by teaching them to constantly fix their minds on hell, demons, their own total and hopeless depravity, which was transferred to them from Adam and Eve, who allegedly committed a deadly sin long time ago.

They are in fact sinking in hell, feel this hell and its inhabitants — and frighten other people with it, alluring them into fear of hell and spreading this mystical contagion around the world…

I am far from calling to "shut down" all monasteries: people do need them, really, — for many reasons. I myself benefited from them long time ago, when I was living, working and praying in them, confessing and making my communion every day. I am talking about spiritual sanation of not only monasteries but the Orthodox Church as a whole — about purifying them of "Bryanchyaninov" Satanism and getting back to the Teaching of Jesus Christ.

Who would take the task of performing these "Herculean labors" for Russia?

* * *

But getting obsessed with sex is also not good. The term "fornication" is valid not only for people but also for God. It denotes both too many sexual contacts and sex with inadequate partners (those who are not at the same level of the spiritual advancement (for details see [14])). Sexually transmitted diseases are the mechanism that God uses for slowing down the tendencies for sexual amusements in people.

The truth here is that we should try to direct all our attention towards searching for God, without distracting excessively for anything else. (And sex is just one of such distractions).

Now is especially right time to talk about sexual "extremes", since in many countries, including Russia, many pseudo—disciples of Rajneesh (Osho) — an Indian spiritual Master — expanded their activities. Calling themselves "enlightened" and "Swamis" (monks), knowing nothing about God, obsessed with sex and sometimes with violence, energetically black inside and sick, making advertisement on the name of the Teacher, they make their living by propagating permissiveness in everything, including food, drugs and, of course, sex. It was a well known instance when in one of such "ashrams" all women who were allured there by advertisement were "initiated" through group raping.

I myself saw outbreaks of sexually transmitted diseases and rapidly progressing devilization (by energetic status of souls) among victims of such novations.

…So, in sex, like in everything else, everyone should find the golden mean between two extremes… Only in this case one will be able to achieve a sattvic state — a state of harmony and purity.

* * *

Refinement of consciousness and true sattva as a necessary stage of cognition of the Holy Spirit and God-the-Father are impossible to achieve without accepting and understanding concepts of Beauty. "Beauty: Cosmos establishes Evolution on this formula" — this is what God taught us through Elena Roerich [14,22].

Spiritual beauty exists at two levels of the scale of gunas: rajas and sattva.

Rajas in this context means boldness, self-discipline and beauty of exploit. It is manifested in a spiritual warrior with unbending will. Rajas can be found in states of nature, it also can be expressed in dancing, music and fine art. Examples of the latter are paintings of Nicholay Roerich.

Sattva — spiritual purity and beauty, refined and saturated with tender love — is the last step on the ladder leading to cognition of the Holy Spirit.

In the nature we can find sattvic states in the purity of sunlight at dawn, in singing of spring birds, in charming silence of a tranquil evening etc.

Among the most vivid examples of highly sattvic music are some compositions of Anand Shankar. Also some singing created by members of the "Society for Krishna Consciousness" deserve the highest appraisal. I know marvelously sounding Orthodox tunes and chimes.

Sattvic beauty of harmonious human body is also spiritual and can attune to tenderness, tranquility and peace, which so many of us are lacking.

Sattva came to Russian cities with Gorbatchev's Perestroika primarily in the form of posters with tender beauty of naked female bodies. This was undoubtedly a spiritual breakthrough.

But businessmen of the tamas guna started to defile this subject almost immediately by filling the market with low-grade photos featuring protruding buttocks…

This is how different gunas manifest in the same genre of art. The sattva guna promotes beauty of love, while the tamas guna defiles it.

…Let everyone ask themselves — which guna do they belong? And what should they do in this connection?

* * *

And another addition to the subject of Love.

One day I was traveling by train, perfecting humble thinking of myself and studying the situation: my fellow travelers were a mother and a son. She had a huge body and was very rude. Her son — a military cadet — was about fifteen years old. All the way she constantly shouted. About what? She… was just talking with her son in this way, shouting at him everything what was coming to her mind — all her thoughts. For example: "Darling! I am going to go to the toilet and throw the apple stub out!… Why don't you answer, when your mother is talking to you???!!!" And her exhausted son was looking in the window with a dull expression on his face being able only to nod listlessly…

How can the behavior of this "mommy", sincerely loving her child, be characterized?

Violence? — Yes. Tactlessness? — Yes. One can name some more of her traits… But what is important to stress now is that her love lacked Peace.

An ability to feel deep inner Peace, especially when there is no need to perform energetic actions is a very important and valuable quality. It is a fundamental prerequisite of true Love.

And attempts to love without this inner Peace sometimes turn into what I have just described. Such "love" can only cripple its victims. It induces in them only an urgent need to escape. If there is a place to escape to…

…The state of God-the-Father in His Abode can be described as Tender Peace. Let us learn this from Him when preparing ourselves to meeting with the Creator.

But the true Peace is not something opposite to a sound Drive and Energy, but matches them harmoniously. Let us analyze this postulate and apply it to our lives.

Apart from the recommendations that you may find in this book you may find it helpful to study the best spiritual experience accumulated in traditions of Zen- and Chan-Buddhism and concrete methods that were created in these schools: "tea ceremonies", "stone gardens", "meditative landscapes", the best methods of Samurai's training etc. [16,30,36,38]




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"Love is the major quality of God. In order to merge with Him (or even to escape hell, to begin with) we have to learn to feel emotions of love and to perform deeds of love, to eliminate all the opposite states and acts, whatever external conditions we live in."