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Book of Vladimir Antonov "Spiritual Practices (Training Aid)"

Practical methods of the spiritual self-development which lead to the complete spiritual Self-Realization through cognizing God in His Abode and Merging with Him

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God and Us

Stages of the Spiritual Path

Multidimensionality of the Universe

The "Creation" and the "End of the World"

Where Should We Seek God?

Hell and Paradise

How Can We Fall in Love with God?

God — and Divine Teachers

God versus Pagan "Deities"

Spiritual Heart as the Organ of Love

"Babaji's Formula"




Karma Yoga (Selfless Service)

Abandonment of the Lower Self for the Sake of Merging with the Higher Self

Practice of the Straight Path

Preliminary Methods

Initial Methods

Ethic Self-Correction

Impressions as Food for the Soul

Initial Control of Emotions

Self-Discipline and Energy

Hygienic Advice

Hatha Yoga


Basic Methods

General Information

"Cross of Buddha"


Relaxation Asanas


Psycho-Physical Exercises


Latihan. Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Cleansing of Chakras. Opening Up of Spiritual Heart

Going out from the Body

Development of Chakras. Dantyans

Work with Meridians. Sushumna, Chitrini, Zhen-Mo, "Microcosmic Orbit" and the Middle Meridian

The "Cocoon"

"Bubbles of Perception"

Development of "Power in Subtlety" (Correct "Crystallization" of Consciousness)

Winter Swimming

Meditative Running

The Highest Methods

Their Aim and Scheme of Work

Pranava. "Birth" and "Maturing" in the Holy Spirit

Driving Out Demons

"Total Reciprocity" (Nirodhi)

Baptism of Fire. Merging with Fiery Divine "Mahadouble"

The "Root"

"Raising of Kundalini"

Entering the Abode of the Creator



Stages of the Spiritual Path

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Stages of the spiritual Path (comments on Patanjali's scheme)

Yama and Niyama







Stages of the Spiritual Path

A person who started walking religious Path can go through the following seven stages of it:

1. Acquiring the correct understanding of his highest Goal and the ways of attaining it.

2. Initial ethic self-correction in accordance with the intention of God through elimination of ethic imperfections as well as through development of required qualities, of which Love is the principal one.

3. Refinement of oneself as consciousness in order to get into the highest planes (eons or lokas) of the multidimensional space, of which the Abode of the Primordial Universal Consciousness � God-the-Father, the Creator � is the subtlest.

4. Quantitative development of refined consciousness.

5. Mastering methods of Merging with God.

6. Consolidation of one's Mergence with God.

7. Acquiring Divine abilities.

For the majority of the readers, deceived by the atheistic and sectarian propaganda, this may sound surprising and even implausible. But this is exactly what God has always taught people throughout the entire history of the humankind � through prophets or Himself, appearing before people in human bodies of Messiahs, Avatars, Christs1 [7-18].

The meaning of our lives is development of ourselves as consciousness, first within our temporary abodes � our bodies, and then beyond them � in the boundless multidimensional universe.

This development has two major directions: qualitative and quantitative. The former consists of three components: intellectual and ethic perfection and refinement of consciousness. The quantitative aspect implies a direct increase of the amount of the energy of the individual consciousness, which subsequently � using special meditative techniques � infuses into the Ocean of the Universal Consciousness of God, Who's name sounds differently in different languages: Bog-Otetz, God-the-Father, Jehovah, Allah, Tao, Ishvara, Primordial Consciousness, Adibuddha etc.

The book [14] contains various examples of what God was saying about this; necessary commentaries are also provided there. In this training aid we will not go beyond short theoretical overview, and then get down to description of techniques which facilitate the attainment of the Goal.

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