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Book of Vladimir Antonov "Spiritual Practices (Training Aid)"

Factors that determine success at initial stage of spiritual work are energy and self-discipline, cultivating the ability to make efforts and super-efforts on the spiritual Path

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God and Us

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Multidimensionality of the Universe

The "Creation" and the "End of the World"

Where Should We Seek God?

Hell and Paradise

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Spiritual Heart as the Organ of Love

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Self-Discipline and Energy

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Winter Swimming

Meditative Running

The Highest Methods

Their Aim and Scheme of Work

Pranava. "Birth" and "Maturing" in the Holy Spirit

Driving Out Demons

"Total Reciprocity" (Nirodhi)

Baptism of Fire. Merging with Fiery Divine "Mahadouble"

The "Root"

"Raising of Kundalini"

Entering the Abode of the Creator



Self-Discipline and Energy

The initial stage of spiritual work is not sattva yet. It is still rajas. And among the most important factors that determine success at this stage are energy and self-discipline, cultivating the ability to make efforts and super-efforts on the spiritual Path.

These qualities can be perfectly developed by engaging in various dynamic sport activities, of which especially great are those that connect one with living nature (hiking, mountain climbing etc.). Practicing oriental martial arts would also be very good for that purpose. But it is important to emphasize, that this practice should in no way lead to growth of aggressiveness, brutality and rudeness. Another important thing to understand is that the techniques of martial arts per se cannot lead an adept to spiritual heights: this can be achieved only by working with chakras and through mastering the art of meditation, which are integral parts of training in the best schools of this orientation.

In any specific kind of study at this stage — be it karate, hiking or else — both instructors and students should pay their principal attention to increasing the level of their morality, which is based on causing no unnecessary harm to any living beings (see [7-17] for details).

It would be appropriate for everyone to start thinking about and to make right decisions regarding their service according to karma yoga principles and change professional occupation, if necessary, or start studying in order to acquire a new profession.



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Self-Discipline and Energy