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"Hatha yoga... (is) concentration of consciousness in various parts of the body... relaxation of body and mind... elimination of many bioenergetic defects within the body and can heal one of some chronic diseases."

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The "Root"

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Entering the Abode of the Creator



Hatha Yoga

The people with unstable emotional sphere as well as those who cannot concentrate or have unpleasant obsessive thoughts will benefit from taking a course of hatha yoga lessons. Exercises of this stage that were developed in ancient India, and their performance teaches one concentration of consciousness in various parts of the body, as well as relaxation of body and mind; they also contribute to elimination of many bioenergetic defects within the body and can heal one of some chronic diseases.

The mechanism that is at work here is as follows: maintaining postures of hatha yoga for a long time causes accumulation and redistribution of energy in the energetic structures of the organism, which leads to their development. The following dynamics of sensations is typical when mastering new asanas. For the first few days of practice one feels nothing new, only regular adaptation of the body takes place. During the next few days absolutely new "mysterious" and pleasant sensation of energies "flowing" inside the body, which "flow" in meridians like streams of some liquid, appears; one may even hear a babbling sound at times. But in one or two weeks they disappear unexpectedly and to one's regret, which means that the asana has fulfilled its role at the current stage. But what was taking place is the following. A corresponding meridian started to function as a result of doing the asana. While its conductivity was still low one had interesting sensations of murmuring type. When the meridian opened fully the energy started to move freely inside of it and the "murmuring" stopped.

At the initial stages of mastering exercises of hatha yoga the necessary condition for doing asanas is performing shavasana after the whole set or after particular asanas, which are performed separately (except for relaxation ones). This is needed for the leveling of energetic strains that may develop due to the low conductivity of meridians. If this condition is not fulfilled, neurotic symptoms (lability of mood, sleep disturbances and many others) and even visual impairments or disorders of other systems of the organism may develop.

Description of relaxation asanas will be given below. Other exercises are described in specialized literature.

Practicing hatha yoga without switching to "cruelty-free" diet always leads to the coarsening of consciousness of the students. Subjectively it is perceived as attainment of power. But it turns out to be a terrible trap: possessing coarse power of consciousness we program ourselves for living in hell.

Apart from exercises of Indian hatha yoga some systems of Chinese dynamic gymnastics can be used for the same purpose, for example, of those, where development of meridians with images of light (small sun etc.) is performed during smooth and slow "roll-overs" from one foot to another.




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