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Development of Chakras. Dantyans

In the meantime we can practice filling and "inflating" chakras with image of pure shining and sparkling white light, which we can "blow" into each chakra from an imaginary hose that comes from a powerful pump.

Images that we create in the subtle eons become a reality in them. We can not only cleanse our energy structures with the help of these images but also heal other people by eliminating black areas of diseases and even by performing "surgeries" using images of various surgical instruments.

Starting from this stage of work all of you can well become good healers. Healing is one of the ways we can give our love to people. This is why the Holy Spirit is always happy to help us when we heal, especially when we ask Him for it.During a healing seance His Consciousness flows through the healer's chakras. This helps development of chakras and makes them more subtle (for more details about healing see [16]).

Now let us learn another exercise with tetrahedron:

1. We rotate the image of the tetrahedron behind each chakra as if it were a dentist's drill.

2. Then we get it into the chakra like in a cavity of a decayed tooth. Dirt flies all over the place and we wash it down with the image of a "shower".

3. We increase the dimensions of the tetrahedron, which allows us to enlarge the chakra.

4. Upon working all of the chakras through we take a "shower" and perform shavasana.

…The next technique of chakras' development is the following: we get inside each chakra one at a time starting with anahata and feel the whole of ourselves there like in a cave filled with light. Then by pressing against each wall of the chakra with our hands we push it away to infinity…

And here is one more wonderful exercise: we imagine ourselves as a powerful light bulb as big as the body that is turned on, tungsten filament being in anahata. And then we illumine the surrounding space with ourselves from anahata.

In the future we may move the tungsten filament from anahata into each of the rest of the chakras and "burn" the hands, the legs and all parts of the body through with it, especially those, where any ailments appear. In this manner we get coarse energies "burned away" from the body, cleanse, lighten and heal ourselves, accustoming ourselves to being one with this light. For "God is Light and in Him there is no darkness at all" (1 John, 1:5). In this way — gradually — we get closer to the state of God.

* * *

Developed chakras can be combined into functional groups, called dantyans in Chinese. The upper dantyan is made up of the three upper chakras, the middle dantyan is represented by anahata and the lower one — by the three lower chakras.

Out of the three the most important is the middle dantyan, since it is by employing this structure that we can transform ourselves into Love and to infuse into God. The other two play auxiliary roles. The upper dantyan helps to develop the middle one with its intellectual and aesthetic appraisal functions. And the lower one, being the main power center of the organism, provides its energy for this process.

All dantyans (as well as all chakras) should be developed harmoniously, although the middle one should always be given priority over the other two during the trainings. In the face of God the main function of the organism is love. But love cannot become full-fledged unless it is supported intellectually, ethically and energetically. This is why one should pay attention to the development of each of these functions, while always remembering about the necessity to strictly adhere to the policy of constantly increasing the level of refinement of consciousness: setbacks to coarse states of consciousness would constitute a crash of all efforts and a halt in development at best, and even a complete failure at worst.

The correct development of the lower dantyan (also denoted by the term "hara") can be achieved optimally by practicing special meditative techniques at special "places of power". One of the secrets here is reviving the functions of "embryonic" meridians, which used to connect the energy systems of the fetus and the mother together. It is upon this "revival" that hara starts functioning as a single complex, as a unified power-center.




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