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God and Us

Stages of the Spiritual Path

Multidimensionality of the Universe

The "Creation" and the "End of the World"

Where Should We Seek God?

Hell and Paradise

How Can We Fall in Love with God?

God — and Divine Teachers

God versus Pagan "Deities"

Spiritual Heart as the Organ of Love

"Babaji's Formula"




Karma Yoga (Selfless Service)

Abandonment of the Lower Self for the Sake of Merging with the Higher Self

Practice of the Straight Path

Preliminary Methods

Initial Methods

Ethic Self-Correction

Impressions as Food for the Soul

Initial Control of Emotions

Self-Discipline and Energy

Hygienic Advice

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Basic Methods

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Psycho-Physical Exercises


Latihan. Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Cleansing of Chakras. Opening Up of Spiritual Heart

Going out from the Body

Development of Chakras. Dantyans

Work with Meridians. Sushumna, Chitrini, Zhen-Mo, "Microcosmic Orbit" and the Middle Meridian

The "Cocoon"

"Bubbles of Perception"

Development of "Power in Subtlety" (Correct "Crystallization" of Consciousness)

Winter Swimming

Meditative Running

The Highest Methods

Their Aim and Scheme of Work

Pranava. "Birth" and "Maturing" in the Holy Spirit

Driving Out Demons

"Total Reciprocity" (Nirodhi)

Baptism of Fire. Merging with Fiery Divine "Mahadouble"

The "Root"

"Raising of Kundalini"

Entering the Abode of the Creator



How Can We Fall in Love with God?

But our Love to God, if we have this Love and know what God is and how we should go to Him � should guide us not towards attainment of paradise, but towards reaching even greater spiritual heights � towards Merging with the Creator in His highest eon. This is what He expects us to accomplish, because this constitutes His Evolution, His very Life. And if we love Him � we should do this.

It would be better if we could really fall in Love with God � to such a degree that we would long for Him, unable to find any peace without Him. Being in Love with God should become similar to being passionately in love with a person. It implies longing for the real Mergence � the Mergence of consciousnesses, just like human souls flaming with love to each other merge.

In order to fall in Love with God like that one has to know about Him as much as possible.

He can be cognized in reality: and not only with the mind.

But He becomes audible, visible and tangible only for him who has reached the Godlike state of the soul.

He is Love. And only that person who has also become large, refined and strong Love can perceive God like this. And the Mergence with God for him becomes not just mere words but experience of his very life.




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