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Path to the Heart of God

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Religious book for God seekers. Names of God, meaning of life, charkas cleansing, kundalini awakening, raja- and buddhi-yoga
Principal theses
What is God
"The word God (with capital G) in the first place should be interpreted as Primordial Consciousness that dwells in the deepest and the subtlest primary plane of the multidimensional Universe..."

What is man
"Man is not his body, but consciousness, i.e. living energy, capable of self-awareness and that possesses mind and memory..."

The meaning of life
"The question of the meaning of one’s life gets inevitably raised before any man who matures in his\her development..."
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Names of God
Explanations of meanings of the word GOD and its synonyms used in different languages.

The steps of the Path to the Heart of God

Jesus suggested that His followers go to the Heavenly Father through the �narrow gate�, the �narrow Path�, for �wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction� (Matt 7:13-14). God said the same through the prophet Nephi (33:9) [10]. Through Nephi God spoke also about �a rod of iron� which helps one to hold on this difficult and dangerous Path; such �rod� is provided only for worthy spiritual seekers by the Holy Spirit.

What is this �narrow Path�? Absolute obedience to hierarchs of mass devilish pseudo-Christian churches that encourage their followers to torture and kill �infidels� [4]? Or � as it is the case in Russia today � entering an Orthodox church not through the main door but through the �narrow� wicket?

Of course, Jesus Christ did not mean that.

Let us analyze this question in details taking into account that the �Narrow Path� should be considered as consisting of two main parts: exoteric (i.e. external, open to everyone) and esoteric (�internal�, �secret�) one. Each part also consists of several steps.

The exoteric part of the Path consists of two steps:

1. Studying and accepting the concept of the path suggested by God.

2. Initial ethical self-transformation in accordance to this Teaching. (We talk now about an initial ethical self-transformation because one cannot do all this work at once; the work on ethical self-perfecting continues until the end of the Path to the Abode of the Creator [1-7]).




In practice, since childhood people are involved in the religious (or atheistic) environment that dominates in the region, where they live, or in that, which their parents follow. And very often this choice is not good, because people tend to distort the Teaching of God with time. (the reasons for that are explained in [4]). And only after man has become intellectually mature, he starts to compare different philosophical and religious concepts, attempts to understand the reasons for differences between them, and later in his quest he comes to understand the Origin of all religions � God-the-Father. Only then walking the true �narrow Path� becomes possible for him. ...Very few people find healthy spiritual Schools in the beginning of their quest and avoid a long and sometimes painful search for the true direction of making spiritual efforts...

Usually, after this, one starts to struggle for one�s right to be different from the majority of people, who got lost and stuck in vices. At this point, some give up being unable to withstand conflicts and persecutions. They choose to live secure life �as others�; they did not really want to get to the Creator. But others show great heroism and ensure good future destinies for themselves. We can find examples of such heroism among the first Christians, among the victims of the Catholic inquisition and Orthodox terror [4], among the followers of the Church of Jesus Christ, among the first Moslems and later among Baha'is [14,16], Sufis [9], and Sikhs [15], who opposed perversions of Islam.

The author of this book also had to withstand political persecutions and threats of physical punishment. And once there really was an execution that entailed a valuable experience of two clinical deaths [1,3,6].

I withstood all these trials. And I kept on walking � along this �Narrow Path�. I reached the end of this Path (although, I see how much I still have to do), and helped many worthy people (and hope I will help many more).

... But one day � long time ago � I did a thing that I am still ashamed of... I am going to describe it in full � to give an example of what one should not do.

It was during the time of the communists� rule. At those days I was working in a research institute as a senior researcher. I felt alone among the colleagues of higher rank because of my views. In particular, I always disliked very much to participate in various political celebrations, to hear �congratulations� and to reply to them. And I saw that my attitude towards this idiotism was not left unnoticed by the �comrades�, responsible for political loyalty of the employees...

One day I begin to think the following: why am I not like others?! What if I try to disguise being �like others�? What if I just try?...

It was the �7th of November� celebration. And everyone was supposed to �congratulate� one another with that date.

So I put on a solemn look on my face and �congratulated� an elderly scientist whom I met in the corridor...

We had never talked before about politics with him. But we respected each other sincerely for effectiveness of scientific work and for character features. But that also implied conformity of our political views; however, we did not have to talk about it: it was just clear for us.

...He recoiled from me, his usual friendly smile disappeared from his face... He just muttered some words of a formal �congratulation� prescribed for such cases...

And since then he had never smiled to me, we never shook hands. He began to pretend that he does not notice me, dropping his eyes with sad disdain...

...During the next reduction of the staff he got fired. During another one � I did [3]. We have never met after that and I have never had a chance to say how sorry I was for what had happened...

If you, friend, � whether you are incarnated now or not � read this book � please, understand and forgive me!


        Chime of bells


Chime of bells, sky of amber�

Chime of bells � with joy in my heart!

Chime of bells � opened my soul.

Chime of bells � flying in the sky�


Sorrow and grief � all are behind.

Chime of bells � happiness on the path!

Chime of bells � all evil, go away!

Chime of bells � help me to reach the end!


Chime of bells � Lord, forgive me!

Chime of bells � Lord, let me in!

Chime of bells � Love in Christ!

Chime of bells � death on the cross�


(Anton Teplyy,

(November 2000)





Those who managed to find the true Path and to withstand the first trials of social collisions � can begin practice the initial (�soft�) steps of the esoteric part of the Path. The techniques of these steps enable one to quickly get rid of many diseases that sometimes lasted for years with medicine unable to help [3].

But to achieve success one should give up drinking alcohol, smoking (and using any other kind of drugs3 and stimulators), refrain from wearing synthetic clothes that have an immediate contact with the skin, from eating all kinds of �killed� food (i.e. that, which was made of bodies of killed animals; see [6] for more details).



     Get on the Path!


Suffering, grief and sorrow �

All that you had in the past �

Get rid of them � and get on the Path.

But do not forget to take Love with you!


Anton Tyoplyi,

November 2000





3. Relaxation. The ability to maintain the internal peace on this step of the work can be achieved most easily with the help of simple asanas of hatha-yoga (crocodile posture, half-tortoise posture, and savasana).

4. Purification of the main energetical structures of the body (chakras and main meridians).

5. Initial development of the spiritual heart, in particular, acquiring the ability to maintain a steady concentration of consciousness in the anahata chakra (inside the chest) and to look at the outer world from it with the eyes of the spiritual heart.

We described the concrete techniques needed to master these skills in our previous publications [1,3,4], so we are not going to repeat them here.




On the first two (exoteric) steps God tests spiritual seekers by various material hardships and oppression from the side of the people who are unable to understand them. On the initial steps of the esoteric part of the Path they are often suggested to undergo mystical trials: energy attacks of embodied and non-embodied devils, being bothered by demons. Here the seeker is tested with mystical fear. If he yields to it and gives up, it means the he does not have the mature love to the Creator, that his love has not become a steadfast and unmovable dominant of his life yet.

For �there is no fear in love; but perfect love drives out fear. ...The one who fears is not made perfect in love� (1 John 4:18).

Man can overcome fear by clinging tighter to his Divine Teacher. And by understanding that it is Him Who created these difficulties � for the good of his disciples. And He watches then � how we cope with them. In this there is a manifestation of His Divine Love; He just seeks to help us to become Perfect. But without overcoming such difficulties it is impossible.


...At further stages of the Path the seekers, who long for God, will have to develop themselves as the spiritual heart which cannot be contained within the physical body, to refine, and grow even larger. Then they will learn to move as the spiritual heart into the subtlest eons of the multidimensional Absolute, accustom themselves to them one by one � up to the Abode of the Creator.


Going to the Light


Wind rustles my hair �

I am walking on Earth.

Fire burning in Heaven �

This Fire kindled my heart.


      I am going away from evil,

      I am going away from eyes of sorrow,

      I am going on my destiny,

      Giving the light to you.

      Death, � wait, stop:

      I am only at the beginning of the Path!


Passions swirling around...

But everyone is your friend, your sister,

your brother!

Do not judge any of them:

Remember � He is waiting for you !


The Light � It is one for all!

The name of this Light is "Love"!

This Light is the Lord!

And there is no other for us!


Anton Tyoplyi,

December 2000



6. Settling in eons of the Absolute. (Or, in other words, cognizing one's multidimensional organism). In parallel to this, one masters methods of merging (as consciousness) with manifestations of the Absolute in the eons being cognized.

7. Entering through the Sun of God into the Heart of God and merging oneself as the energy of the perfect spiritual heart with the Universal Spiritual Heart of the Primordial Consciousness of the Creator.

One cannot describe in detail these most complex steps of spiritual development in a book.

Also they cannot be mastered without the help of a Divine Teacher. It is Him who shows one the �stairway� of the �secret passage� or of the �Narrow Path�. He explains where to step on this �stairway� and how to behave in the universal space that one begins to cognize fir the first time.



Come! Come!

I tell you!

Come! Come!

I love you!


Come to Me

On the Way of Love!

I am ready to embrace you,

But the choice is yours.


I teach you

Through My Prophets.

Take the Love

That flows through them!


I gave you

The freedom of choice.

And the Path to Me

Is always open!


Only with your will,

And with your love,

With developed consciousness

And big heart,


You can walk

Along My Road.

We will meet here

In the primordial depth.


(Revelation, written

by Anton Teplyy,

December, 2000)



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