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Religious book for God seekers. Names of God, meaning of life, charkas cleansing, kundalini awakening, raja- and buddhi-yoga


All beings — both embodied and non-embodied — differ in the age of the soul. It is one of the main features of every soul. Its other important features are such qualitative characteristics as the level of intellectual development, ethical maturity, coarseness or subtlety of the consciousness (which determines, in particular, the soul’s status for the future life in the non-embodied state). The quantitative valuation is based on the size of the soul, and that size depends on the quantity of energy accumulated by the soul during periods of its embodiment.

The evolution of a soul proceeds gradually through numerous earthly incarnations. And one cannot expect a high spiritual potential of souls who are incarnated in the human body for the first time; it comes to the soul later, provided that its evolving was auspicious.

From this one can understand that not all currently embodied people — even if they obtained a certain higher spiritual knowledge — can reach the Abode of the Creator in their current incarnation, no matter how hard they try. Moreover, when too young souls get involved in the meditative work, which is too serious for them, at a certain moment they lose understanding and start to play “religion” like children play their childish games (it may lead to an development of inadequate perception of oneself, just like in case of boys who play “war”, imagine themselves “colonels” and “generals”). In the worst case it may lead to a psychopathology. The latter is often the case in the religious organizations, where instead of God and Love, frightening mystical factors (devils, demons, sorcerers, vampires, and so on) are brought in the focus.

This is why religious leaders must use esoteric techniques and information very carefully, taking into account their possible harmful effects on those people who are intellectually and ethically immature.

And everyone who seeks spiritual progress should evaluate their own capabilities and not to climb at those “steps” of spiritual development “ladder”, at which it will be hard for them to hold their ground.

... I have lived my earthly life very intensively. And when I was making the way to the Creator for me and for my friends, many people were getting involved into the stream created by me at different stages. At the beginning it always looked wonderful. But later, starting from a certain stage of the work, many of them would lose understanding of the work, they would get drawn backwards or to entertainments. And since I was not interested in playing games, discontent with me, protest, and even hostility towards me would arise.

I took me quite some time to come to understand that one should not give the highest knowledge and methods to anyone who asks for them. And this understanding could not come until I accumulated tremendous experience of providing spiritual help to people. Sometimes this experience was very dramatic (for me). Now I share this experience with you — as I do in my other books — to help you avoid making such errors.

But let these warnings scare no one away from the spiritual quest: one should just choose for oneself the tasks that one is equal to.

One of the really attainable goals for anyone is to ensure getting to paradise after the end of their current incarnation and to predetermine an excellent destiny for the future. It is very simple to achieve. One has just to know how. And take into account that this goal can be attained only through one's own spiritual efforts and not through participation in rituals, “prayers of saints”, or anyone’s prayers altogether.7 How one can attain paradise and to establish oneself on the Straight Path to the Creator in the simplest way, I described in details in the book [7], while the books listed in the Bibliography can provide one with preliminary information needed to prepare for this.



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