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Information about the Author

The author of this book was born in Russia into an atheistic family in 1946. After graduating from Saint Petersburg State University, majoring in bioecology, he worked in medicine for many years, obtained a Ph.D. degree researching the formation of behavioral patterns under the influence of outer factors. He conducted scientific research in the fields of physiology of higher nervous activity including neurophysiology, also in the fields of obstetrics, sexology, psychology (regularities in the formation of behavior, then — correction of the emotional sphere and of the capacity for work with the help of the art of psychical self-regulation), etc.

He dedicated — as a scientist — the last decades of his life to studying the subject of the methodology of human spiritual development. He published tens of books on this subject and created (together with colleagues) many video films.

He learned from many remarkable people: from scientists-biologists Alexander Parinkin, Alexander Malchevsky, Gennady Shichko; from several remarkable priests of the Russian Orthodox Church: Vassily Lesnyak, Leo from the temple devoted to Dmitry Solounsky, Archimandrite John (Krestiankin) from Pskov-Pechersky monastery. Then he became a direct disciple of God.

One of the most important scientific achievements of the author is the system of psychical self-regulation based on working with the chakras and main meridians of the human organism. Its essence consists in the fact that mere movement of the concentration of the consciousness into one of the bioenergy structures mentioned above results in a certain attunement of the emotional-volitional sphere. Thanks to this, one can easily regulate one’s capacity for mental and physical work and one’s emotions, for example, one can get rid of negative mental dominants and unfavorable emotional states and enter calm and pure states of consciousness.

The author also composed for the first time and published a complete thematic analysis of the Teachings of Jesus Christ (with the use of various Apocrypha); also for the first time he created competent translations of the Gospel of Philip, Tao Te Ching, the Bhagavad Gita, and some other great religious-philosophical treatises of the past [4,9-10, etc.].

Based on knowledge received from literary sources and personal experience (of the author and his colleagues), he described, for the first time and in an easy-to-understand language, the essence of God-the-Father, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity of God, also the path to personal cognition of God in all of His Aspects [6].

Jesus Christ once personally blessed the author to do this search and service to people by providing them knowledge which a worthy person can receive directly from God [14]. The basis of this service consisted in development of the ancient Christian tradition of Hesychasm [6] and distribution of this knowledge through direct teaching, books, and films.

When the author began to study religion, he adhered to the following principle: to collect and to integrate all the best from the historical spiritual experience of humankind. And he managed to do this. On this basis a new direction of modern science was formed — methodology of spiritual development. One of its branches is practical ecopsychology, where development of man (as a soul, consciousness) is realized, among other things, through meditative trainings on special natural zones called positive places of power [6]. That is, for each stage of development of the consciousness one can select — according to the local energies — areas in the forest, desert, and water bodies, where one’s development can go much quicker than in other conditions. It is these methods of work on oneself that allow worthy people to come to direct personal cognition of God and to gain the ability to easily converse with Him. (Of course, the worthiness mentioned above is determined first of all from one’s success in the ethical and intellectual aspects of development).

For many years in the past, the author had been teaching the methods of spiritual self-development, giving lectures and classes in a number of cities in Russia and other countries.

He experienced clinical death two times after being killed by the members of a strange sect*, who practiced wearing subway tokens in between the buttocks, wagging their posteriors, and hatred [14]. He was resurrected by God in the same body so that he could continue his personal development and serve other people with his spiritual knowledge.

He was a personal disciple of Jesus Christ and other Divine Teachers, was admitted by God into His Abode, described in many books the essence of God, His Intention regarding the Creation, the mechanism of the universal Evolution, the purpose of human life, and the methods of spiritual self-development from the entry-level — to the highest.

At present he continues his personal development and seeks solitude among living nature.


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