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Judging from the information that has appeared during the recent years [24,40-41,47-48,82], the pre-Deluge events that were described in the Bible and several other ancient books of the East took place in Atlantis. This was the paradise on earth, mentioned in the Bible. The Creator inhabited this land with many evolutionary advanced souls, who lived in their bodies for several hundred years and whose bodies were larger than those of modern human beings.

But outside Atlantis, there lived another type of people, which modern scientists call palaeoanthropus. It was to them that Biblical Cain was expelled for the murder of his brother Abel; he found those people there and left among them numerous descendants.

The bodies of the Atlanteans differed considerably from those of the palaeoanthropus people. When they met people of other continents, the latter would take them for Gods.

Modern people, except maybe for several small groups, can be considered a product of genetic mixing of the Atlanteans and paleoanthropus people.

The racist concept that claims superiority of some races over others is absolutely invalid: the color of the skin, which is determined by the congenital, genetically fixed amount of melanin pigment contained in it, protecting the skin from excessive solar radiation, depends exclusively on the original habitats of particular groups of people. The closer it is to the equator, the more intensive the ultra violet radiation is and the greater amount of protective pigment the skin has to contain; and vice versa, the closer it is to the poles � the lesser the amount of melanin is needed, thus the skin is lighter, since it needs to absorb as much ultra violet radiation as possible.

Atlantis was called paradise on the Earth not only because it was located in an exceptionally auspicious climatic zone (the Atlantic Ocean at the latitude of the Mediterranean Sea), but also (which is much more important) because the Atlanteans possessed the highest spiritual knowledge and were familiar with the methods of spiritual self-development.

But as time went by, in this �paradise on earth� there appeared those ugly social phenomena, when certain people start to turn back in their evolution, to cultivate egocentrism, to seek power over others, to proclaim themselves to be the �most high�, superior, and to defy God� (This process was reflected in the legend about the �fallen angel�� But there have always been people like that � both then and now).

This phenomenon was especially dangerous since many Atlanteans possessed magic knowledge, the misuse of which (applying them against Evolution) could lead to tremendous cataclysms that could ruin life on the whole planet. Black magic was widespread, and those people started to seek usurpation of power� At that time God made a decision to destroy this hotbed of mystical contagion. He devised the deluge of Atlantis.

Those of the Atlanteans who remained steadfast devotees of God were informed by Him beforehand and moved out of the doomed continent: some to America, some to Europe, Africa, and Asia. There they founded new centers of the highest spiritual culture.

And Atlantis submerged into the ocean.


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