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The Atlanteans who moved to the American continent also created a hearth of the highest spiritual culture there. In particular, they built sanctuaries for spiritual initiations that had the form of pyramids.

Special research [45,47,82] shows evidence that the Maya culture reached a very high level. The Maya possessed knowledge about the Supreme Universal God, the Creator, Whom they called Hunab Ku (in the Mayan or Atlantic language), and His Fiery Manifestation in the Creation � Itzamna.

But� later, primitivism started to prevail there as well. The Fiery State of the Creator was reduced in people�s minds to worshipping regular fire, which they started to deify and regard as a medium between people and �gods�: the �gods� were believed to receive food from men via fire in the form of burnt sacrifices. Later it was �discovered� that �gods� also needed human sacrifices�

And then cannibals � the Aztecs and Toltecs � came to the land of Maya.

What resulted from the combining of cannibalistic religious �culture� with the fragmentary information about the importance of possessing the power of refined consciousness we can see from the book of Carlos Castaneda The Eagle�s Gift [25]: black magicians hunted spiritually advanced individuals and when they caught them they would eat their bodies while they were still alive, cutting off pieces with a knife. They hoped to take possession of their personal power through this� It may be possible that those magicians had eaten the bodies of all the last true spiritual seekers�

This was the end of the surge of spiritual culture of Central American Indians. And then Spanish �Christians� invaded Central America and exterminated almost all Indians who lived in that region.


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