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From ancient times the religious life of China has been supervised by the Divine Teacher Huang Di*.

It is Him � Huang-Di � Who was the Teacher of Lao Tse, to Whom He dictated �Tao Te Ching�. It was Him Who laid the foundation of Chinese Taoist spiritual alchemy � the science about transmutation of human coarseness and ignorance (�lead�) � into �gold� of shining Divinely Perfect Consciousness.

But with time human ignorance prevailed here as well. The Teachings of the Way to Tao, as the Universal Primordial Consciousness, Who is described as the �Tender Being� (�Tao Te Ching�, see [9,10]), was reduced to senseless waffling about dividing everything into �yin� and �yang�, spirits that allegedly abide in thousands in the body of man� The word �Tao� itself acquired a new meaning: �way�, �path�. A �path� � leading where? And why? For many esoteric schools God got� out of sight. And the �path� turned into� the accumulation of �personal power� � of the same coarse power that is good only for subduing other people, for the raising of their inflated primitive lower selves over them.

It is in those degraded Chinese esoteric schools where a �new method� of accumulation of �personal power� was �discovered�: one just needs to have as many sexual contacts and with as many partners as possible without coming to one�s own orgasms; in this way one saves one�s own energy (udana), which otherwise is discharged by the organism during the orgasm, and accumulates for oneself the energy of the partner.

This disgusting concept of selfish bioenergetic vampirism spread from China to Russia and, most likely, to many other countries under the name of �spiritual sex�. But in reality, there is nothing spiritual in such a practice: egotism, stealing, as well as casual sex do not have anything to do with the Path to Perfection and to God. On the contrary, they lead one in the opposite direction, which I witnessed in numerous cases here in Russia. Personal power does increase as a result of this, but it is not at all subtle. The people who accumulate it are headed for diseases, coarsening of consciousness, and, as a consequence, � hell. And in addition to this � a bad karma for their next incarnations�

Here is an example. A young woman got tempted by representatives of such a sect and plunged into unrestrained sexual debauchery.

Once in the presence of many people, she addressed one of the men in a loud voice for everyone to hear:

� Slava! Come over to my place the day after tomorrow � let us have sex!

... He asked me:

� Is it right � in this way?!

... I said that in that way � it was not right. Sexual aspect of love is good; however, it is not good when it is in that way! And, at the least, sex should never be publicized; this is also the opinion of Jesus, which He expressed, for example, through Mary Magdalene and Philip: sexual love should be a secret matter of two people who love each other and walk the spiritual Path together; let only God be a witness to this kind of relationship. (See [8,10,13-14] for more details).

I made an attempt to bring her to reason. But she replied in this way:

� You just cannot imagine how much one can learn about people by having sex with them! Sometimes a man comes just from seeing my naked body! You know, �good� men are so rare!

... Her conviction in her being right, reinforced by the authority of a foreign �guru� who came to Moscow, was so strong that it did not make any sense to talk to her about it anymore�

And very soon devilish �personal power� was radiating out of her graceful, beautiful body, making other people literally recoil from her�

I asked her then whether she realized what was happening to her. She replied happily:

� Oh, yes! I began to feel strong among people!...

� The leader of a similar �yogic� organization accumulated such a great amount of devilish power that it enabled him to sack the funds belonging to the organization and to evade taxes. Devilish power of this leader of pseudo-yogis was so intense that no one wanted to deal with him: people would get sick just as a result of talking to him�

� Having lost the understanding of the essence of the Evolution of Consciousness and aspiration for Tao, some Chinese Qui Gong schools also degraded. (Qui Gong stands for working with energy. This stage corresponds to the Indian Raja Yoga. But within this system there may exists different variations of these methods). Having cast away ancient knowledge and principles, given by Huang-Di, which hold that the practice should start with cleansing and developing of the �central palace� of the organism (this is what Chinese alchemists called the middle dantyan), having rejected � as �unnecessary� � the tendency towards the refinement of consciousness and all ethic prerequisites, including the killing-free diet, leaders of such schools started to teach all interested people the techniques that included exercises with the non-refined �power� lower dantyan and distributing its coarse energy all over the body through the meridians.

I also saw the results of this kind of training: students, including women, turn into energetical �pig-irons� � and start to feel �invulnerable� in a company of coarse people and even succeed in commanding them�

� Another misfortune came to China from India in the form of �Buddhist� perversions.

The man who first introduced them in China is described as a person with a terrifying, intimidating appearance, whom no one could resist in arguments [41].

What it means � we already know.

And he started to teach not love, not the refinement and development of the spiritual heart, not aspiration towards the Primordial Consciousness � but� the art of fighting�

Many Chinese adopted this orientation and developed a strong belief that the spiritual Perfection consists in a mastery of beating up and killing other people in hand-to-hand combat.

All that was accompanied by the activity of those �Chan Buddhist� sects in which people gained a �momentary enlightenment� through spits in the face, sudden blows, loud yelling in the ear after sneaking from behind...*

� And then the �cultural revolution� began. Students, inspired by the �great helmsman� of China Mao Tse-Tung, were destroying spiritual centers, burning books and icons, and killing all who were not demonstrating admiration towards what they were doing. The personal physician of Mao Tse-Tung, after years from the death of the �helmsman�, recounted to the media that, when ministers had reported to him of school students who had killed their teacher, prepared cutlets from his flesh and had eaten them � Mao Tse-Tung was laughing �from the heart��

* * *

Today China has recovered from the consequences of the �cultural revolution� and is confidently developing its economy, raising the level of its people�s welfare.

I would like to wish these people, who are wonderful in their majority, spiritual progress through development of the true spiritual culture on the national scale.


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