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When Aryans came to India they brought with them an already degenerated form of religion, in which people had to participate in “saving” rituals, to “feed gods” with sacrifices (rice, water, and other kinds of food, that they were supposed to send to the “gods” by burning in ordinary physical fire). And there, in Heaven, the “gods” quarreled with one another, had children… (all this is written in the ancient Vedas; the same kind of incompetence can be seen in Arjuna’s words in the beginning of his conversation with Krishna on the field of Kuru [4,10]; see also [60,70]).

The most significant event in Indian history was the coming of Avatar Krishna in the human body. Krishna gave people the Bhagavad Gita [4,10] that contained knowledge as to how and where they should seek the Creator, what God is, and what the purpose of human life consists in. And a great number of people, undoubtedly, attained full spiritual Self-Realization thanks to these Divine Teachings.

But human masses even in this country proved unable to retain the supreme Truth in their minds for a long time.

Then the Creator sent Chaitanya to the land of India. Chaitanya revitalized the Eternal Teachings of the Creator and again many people reached the Highest Goal, while others got closer to It…

But with time the people of India slipped into primitivism: they started to set hopes not on the Creator but on fictitious fairy-tale “gods” or even abandoned religion altogether in preference to the accumulation of worldly wealth or enslaving other people. The latter practice existed, in particular, in the form of the system of heritable belonging to certain varnas and in the tradition of burning widows alive…

After some time Mahavir — the founder of Jainism — came to India [39]. But even Jainism, which started out so well, also degenerated to merely “adhering to the rules”, and gradually Jainist monks grew concerned not with the cognition of the Creator but rather with preventing the bodily excreta from getting into water (they do not have the right to use toilets in the urban apartments: there is water there!) and with making sure that women and men do not stay in the same house during the night (even on different floors of many-storied urban buildings!)… [65].

Many other Great Enlightened People came to teach in India. However, the result always remained the same: evolutionary immature souls were unable to comprehend the Highest Truths, and because these souls have always constituted the majority of society, religion would degenerate again.

… And then God brought Muslims on the territory of India, who affirmed it for Hindus again that they should seek the true Universal God, Who is One for all, and that all people are equal before the Creator — regardless of their ancestry or possession of worldly wealth.

But since the concept of love and compassion was not and could not be sufficiently represented in Islam, which was originated by God among cattle-breeders, Muslims were not able to suppress Hinduism since it still contained some good elements.

* * *

We can see that the Creator keeps helping the people of India to revive their descending spiritual culture. In the 20th century God had embodied on this land at least twice: in the bodies of Babaji and of Sathya Sai Baba [8,10,14].


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