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Early Stages of the Establishment of Christianity

When Judaism reached the bottom of its degradation in Judea (with the worshipping of the Sabbath instead of God, the disdain of other nations, loss of love, a complete lack of knowledge about the spiritual Path [30]), the Divine Martyr Jesus Christ came to this land and sacrificed Himself for the sake of spiritual salvation of people — the salvation through revival of the Truth.

He gave them Teachings about God and about Love [10].

And after that He surrendered Himself to executioners, was tortured and crucified.

But when His body was taken down from the cross, He dematerialized it and then materialized again, appearing several times before His disciples to prove thus that consciousness is immortal.

Jewish followers of Jesus, including the majority of His closest disciples, started to preach His Teachings in the Roman Empire, Arabia, India, and even possibly in China [69,80, and others]. Among the places where the Apostle Andrew taught and baptized were southern regions of Russia [50].

The largest number of His followers lived in the huge Roman Empire, which included also Judea and Byzantium (Greece). Authorities of the Roman Empire would harshly persecute and kill Christians in the beginning. But their number was continuously growing. The situation changed in the IV century A.D., during the reign of the emperor Constantine, who sympathized with Christianity and began making it the state religion.

That was the time when the most interesting started…

It is one thing when a religious movement is persecuted and membership in it, let alone the leadership, is severely punishable. And it is completely another — when it becomes a state religion and active membership in it provides one with power over people and material welfare.

There are very detailed chronicles of the early stages of the establishment of Christianity as a state religion [73]. In particular, they contain a documented account of the struggle among bishops “in all its glory”: they pronounced anathema (damnation) on one another, organized murders, concocted slanderous reports to the emperor demanding him to execute competitors…

At one of the “Councils” (the Nicene one) the situation was the following [41]:

“… Bishops and patriarchs, whose mission is to establish Christianity on an indestructible foundation, are far from fully conforming to the popular image of them. Some of them were almost naked, with tangled hair and tousled beards; others were dressed in animal skins, while almost all of them looked morbid and exhausted by destitution and penance. Some weakened to such a degree that they could not move without assistance, and every one of them had his own temper, corresponding to his lifestyle. Some of them demonstrated meekness, others appeared as peacemakers, many liked to argue, while still there were those who were extremely aggressive”.

The Nicene “Council” ordained that anyone who read or kept writings of Arius be put to death [49].

It was these aggressive ones who got to “boss the show” in the end, driving out meek and humble Christians by means of slander, direct physical violence, and even elimination.

It was also they who compiled the New Testament (see [10,14,76] for more details), which included works that do not seem to be Christian at all: the epistle of Jude and the Apocalypse, also those excerpts from the epistles of Paul that were written in an intolerable moralizing Judaic style, and not that of Jesus’ Teachings.

But the “aggressive” did not include in the New Testament one of the most valuable Gospels — the Gospel of Philip, since they could not understand it; it also exposed their mendacity and spiritual failure.

(Even now people are told that the Bible is the book that was allegedly created by God Himself — the “God-inspired” book. But, even Jesus Christ does not agree with this [26]. And now we can understand — why.)

The evolutionary part of the Teachings of Jesus Christ got prohibited at the same early “Councils”. After that had happened, the purpose of creating the material world, incarnating people and animals into material bodies — all that became unexplainable based on a theological theory perverted by those aggressive ignorant people (see [10,75]). The result of this is that for two thousand years after the incarnation of Jesus Christ “Christian” theologians have been unable to explain the meaning and purpose of human life either to themselves or to other people! However, only on the basis of this understanding could the entire methodology of spiritual work be constructed and could serious methods be developed!

Moreover, the words of Jesus Christ that contained the description of God-the-Father were not included in the New Testament because of the ignorance of the “aggressive”. As a result, there is no description of God-the-Father in the entire Bible! But what kind of religion can it be if it misses a description of God?!

This is why aggressive and ignorant “Christians” still propagate hate and animosity against those people who worship God-the-Father rather than “their God” — Jesus Christ!

Lowliness of mind and love (as compassion, tenderness, and caring attention) remained as nothing more than glorious pages of the early history of true Christianity [85 and others]. However, the everyday practice of the followers of the dominating Church became totally different.

In the meantime the doctrine of the Church continued to develop. But not towards the methods of cognition of God and getting close to Him in terms of the quality of the soul. On the contrary, the “aggressive” were creating this doctrine in such a way that would enable them to enslave the congregation and bring it under their control, to force people to support the “pastors” materially, make them fawn on and cringe before the “holy fathers” and the highest-rank hierarchs…

The doctrine included the following basic premises:

People are absolutely paltry beings, hopelessly stuck in their sins — not only in sin they themselves commit, but primarily those of Adam and Eve… Thus, all people are destined to live in hell.

The only way to save yourself from future hell is to firmly adhere to “our” faith (since all others faiths are from the devil), to visit only “our” temples, to provide “pastors” with livelihood, to go to confession and report your sins to them, and to receive a communion. Otherwise — hell is inescapable!

Who are these “pastors” then? They are those who — through the “sacrament of consecration” — allegedly entered into a special status of intermediaries between God and people. It is only through their prayers that it is possible to make God have mercy on people and save them from hell. What is also necessary is “serving the Church” — materially and, when required, — even with arms.

What one also must do is to alleviate the sufferings of one’s relatives and friends — who have died and dwell now in hell, of course. The same concerns those who have not died yet but are in trouble. In order to do this, one has to order (for a fee) special services — “for the peace of someone’s soul” or “for health”.

Also, children have to be baptized. It is absolutely necessary! What if a child dies without having been baptized — he or she will surely go to hell then! Baptizing of children is another service that requires a fee. Just as the “burial service”, which allegedly provides some benefit for those who have died! How can one assume that God is so primitive that He does not love those who have not undergone such rituals?!

This is how the “aggressive” who captured power by means of selfish lies have “played” on loving feelings of the believers, securing power and money for themselves.

One of the most effective tricks of the “aggressive” was the declaring of the sexual aspect of love as sinful, extremely sinful!

Masturbation, which is quite normal for the overwhelming majority of people at the age of pubescence (see [13]), was named the cause of almost all known diseases, including tuberculosis, dementia, etc… And this was used as a basis for convincing the youth of their heavy sinfulness and guilt before God…

Sexual relationships could not be totally prohibited for quite obvious demographic reasons, but people had to get permission from the “pastors” of the Church to have them, although God has never authorized “pastors” to do that!

Women who entered into sexual relationships without this permission from the “aggressive” would become subject to especially strong humiliation.

And children who were embodied through the bodies of such mothers would receive a “stigma” of the “illegitimate”. It was not allowed to baptize them — thus they were deprived of all rights, including the right to enter into a “Church” marriage (only such marriage was recognized by state authorities) and to create a “legitimate” family.

There was even the establishment of real cult of the hymen of Mary — the mother of Jesus — who was believed to conceive and even to give birth to Jesus without losing her virginity. Virgins started to be called the “innocent”. Therefore, all other women — regardless of the circumstances under which “that” happened — were considered guilty. The women who lost their “innocence” without permission from the Church had to endure contempt and rejection from “Christians”; they felt desperately guilty (“deadly sinful”) and totally dependent on the “prayers” that “pastors” performed for their salvation…

… A striking fact that vividly demonstrated the criminal self-interest of the “aggressive” who used to run the Catholic Church was the possibility to openly purchase a “forgiveness of sins”… People were given special receipts as proof of payment, which were called “indulgences” — “certificates” for a soul to present to God in the other world?

People could buy indulgences for sins that had not been committed yet — for any kind of sin! They just had to pay money! Just pay, purchase God’s forgiveness — and go sin without fear! Then pay again — and go commit all imaginable sins! Pay, pay, just pay!…

… In reality, for God there is no mechanism of remission of sins whatsoever! He does not need reports from people about their sins, but rather that they actively get rid of vices and develop missing positive qualities! He needs that in this way we aspire to Divine Perfection! Jesus Christ very exactly said about this: Be perfect even as your Heavenly Father is perfect! (Matt 5:48).


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