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“Witch Hunt”

Another “holy task” of the Inquisition was the so-called “witch hunt”. The Catholic Inquisition burnt tens of thousands of women alive. Sometimes men were also persecuted with this type of charge.

To be accused of sorcery even a petty cause would suffice, for example, when a woman was seen standing in her courtyard during a thunderstorm or collecting horse manure (perhaps for fertilizing the kitchen-garden?). If a person got under suspicion, death in the fire was inescapable.

The executioner would shave all hair on the victim’s body first: it was believed that “devilish force” abides in hair. And after that, the already-known things started: daily dislocations of joints, tortures with fire, water in the lungs…

The executioners demanded confession along the following two points: 1) admission of guilt, and 2) reporting the accomplices.

Tortures would bring the victims in such a terrible state, that their only wish was to die in the fire as soon as possible!

On the first point everyone would tell “standard” stories about their “flying on brooms” to “witches’ Sabbaths” and “initiations” received from Satan…

When answering the second question, some were giving out the names of all their acquaintances. But others — true Christians — persisted until the end, resolved not to calumniate other people.

N.Speranskiy [74] describes a case when a woman-victim pleaded with her torturers to burn her as “innocent”, since she knew of neither her own guilt nor that of others…

The same author provides a testimony of a torturer, who was describing how beautiful young female bodies were gradually, day by day, turning into burnt and swollen sacks of bones, which lost the human appearance…

… Discontinuing of daily torments just before execution was called “relaxation”, while the commitment to the flames — “reconciliation with the Church”… [53].

… There is no doubt that a certain number of people always practiced black magic — in any country at any time. (Although, it is clear that none of them were actually flying on brooms or taking part in “Sabbaths” with Satan: it is nothing but fantasies).

But the issue is: who was darker (in that sense) — actual black magicians or this horrible sect, which was torturing and burning both them and tens of thousands of innocent people?


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