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Were Inquisitors Christians?

Summing up what was said in the previous chapter, I want to emphasize one essential detail: when substantiating their monstrous atrocities, “Christian” tormenters were citing… the Bible [49], namely the words from Deuteronomy (13:8-9) instructing how one should treat those who understand the religious path differently than one and one’s associates: “…You must not yield to or heed any such persons. Show them no pity or compassion and do not shield them. But you shall surely kill them; your own hand shall be first against them to execute them, and afterwards the hand of all the people…”.

Do these words comply with what God told the Jews in the Ten Commandments: “You shall not kill!”? It is clear that Deuteronomy, which contradicts the words of God said through Moses, cannot be from God — it was compiled by those who once seized power over the Jews and perverted the Teachings of God beyond recognition.

Where in the doctrine of this sect is the requirement to implement the precepts of Jesus Christ “Do not judge!” and “Do not condemn!”, let alone all of His other precepts of forgiveness and love?

In all of its countless crimes this devilish sect, which was established at the time of the emperor Constantine and afterwards split into the “western” and “eastern” branches, has never been truly Christian from the outset: it was — Judaic! It has never followed the Teachings of Jesus Christ but rather based its activity on the Judaic “law” written down in the Jewish Bible — the “law” that Jesus fought against! It was Judaism disguising itself as Christianity, and as such it became dominant on a huge part of the Earth! In their insane fury the leaders of this sect, which became “international”, were subjecting even ordinary Jews to repressions, damning them and burning them in fires by the thousands!

Let us understand the essential idea that true Christianity must be based not on the Old Testament but on the true Teachings of Jesus Christ not “crippled” or diluted with lies!

… Another question to consider: on what grounds does this movement call itself “Christianity”?

Only on the basis that they mention the name of Jesus Christ in their rituals!

Here we come to another important point to consider: Jesus Christ never taught ritualism to people!

Therefore no ritualism can be considered as a sign of Christianity!

Christianity implies studying and realizing the Teachings of God given to us through Jesus Christ!


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