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Catholicism Today

It is necessary to say a few words about modern Catholicism.

Due to the salutary activity of Napoleon Bonaparte and other heroes, the epoch called the Middle Ages ended. Catholicism began to change. The Inquisition was abolished, and “crusades” were not launched anymore.

Catholicism stopped to fight against “heresies” and grew much more tolerant to other religions. Damnation was remitted from the Jews; sound relationships were established with Israel, Muslim, Protestant, and other countries.

Catholicism started to study the experiences of other religions in a positive manner. In the Vatican there are special scholars who do this kind of research.

John Paul II was apparently the first pope to actually possess a developed spiritual heart.

But… he, too, commenced his “pastoral” activity with attacking women who made abortions — the women who got into trouble. The women who did that for very different reasons: not only because of their own foolishness, but also very frequently because of the criminal attitude of men towards them… From the position of an arrogant man who lacks understanding of women’s problems, the pope advocated for the ban of abortions…

But in the following years the emphasis of the pope’s activity shifted towards the struggle for peace.

As far as theology is concerned, he was the first pope to refuse to assert that God is a male!… That alone was a tremendous step away from the religious primitivism that was inculcated by the “aggressive” in previous centuries.

Journalists praised John Paul II for apologizing on behalf of the Catholic Church for the crimes it made in the past. He even ordered to open the archives of the “holy Inquisition”. They praised this as a feat of the pope… But to every intellectually and ethically developed person it is clear that all these crimes were nothing but crimes before people and God; thus I cannot see any particular heroism in this deed of the pope…

If Catholicism could:

— acknowledge the Evolution of the Divine Universal Consciousness in material bodies,

— acknowledge that there were and are other Messiahs from one Universal God — both before and after Jesus Christ,

— publicly support the eternal integral Teachings of God that all of Them have been giving to people,

then it would really perform a significant and positive deed for humanity and for God. In this case, it would become a cooperator, an assistant to Jesus Christ.


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