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� But having eliminated one centuries-old tyranny, Russia got immediately under the grip of another.

When people do not have true religious knowledge and understanding of why we live on the Earth and what we are supposed to do here, � whatever political system is established � it will do no good.

Bolsheviks� revolution destroyed the Russian inquisition, but almost the same type of dictatorship formed in Russia after it, where the society was again divided into executioners and victims. And again among the latter, heroic souls came to shine. These souls preferred tortures and death to living as slaves and were willing to die with honor for the sake of liberating others.

Now people were not burnt in Russia but were tortured for long periods of time and then shot. �Days and nights people were being shot. Days and nights thousands of people were taken away and vanished without leaving a trace in the distant death camps. But the number of �enemies� was still growing. It seemed to Soviet authorities that the entire population of the huge country turned into �class enemies�, and all of them had to be caught, thrown into jails, hidden behind barbed wire, shot, and destroyed. A prosperous peasant is kulak, an enemy; less prosperous one � is podkualachnik, also an enemy. Even an illiterate peasant, who believed that Christ will soon come, was punished as the worst enemy of the �power of the working people�, he would get accused of such a terrible �contra-revolutionary crime� that he would get deprived not only of his family and household but also of his very life. At night in the Lenkoran bay the GPU (secret police) was drowning hundreds of shot dead bodies, attaching bricks to them with wire. Many of them were killed only for writing a letter to their relatives who lived abroad� The country turned into one big prison, where people crazed by hate and fear wanted to destroy the entire nation. � Even such words as Christ and Gospel were considered a threat to the existence of the Soviet regime. And this regime could not tolerate not only the Christian Teachings but also any teachings of truth and love. Any teachings, except for Marxism, was regarded as a �hostile ideology of class enemies�, �propaganda of people�s enemies� etc. No faithful member of the Party dared to think that one could find the truth and the good beyond �leaders of the proletariat�. For a true �soviet patriot� religion could be nothing but a dangerous poison�, and there was not and could not be God in the country of the �victorious proletariat� [46].

On the radio there were always the same songs: �The cantata about Stalin�, �Wide is my native country, � where man can breathe freely!�, �Let�s drink for the Motherland, let�s drink for Stalin!�, and the song in which Stepan Razin casts his young bride into a river from a ship...

This is how the image of a positive hero was being created�

There were also commented football games: �Durila dodges Jacobson, kicks... Go-o-o-a-l! Go-o-o-a-l!� The whole country was supposed to jump out of joy by the radio sets (there were no TV sets yet, they appeared later) and to also scream: �Go-o-o-a-l!�

This is how patriotic feelings were being formed.

Also, Stalin and then his successors energetically propagated alcoholism in the country: it was done, first, so that people would think less, and second, in order to ensure a generous income for the state budget from the sale of vodka.

And after some time very few Russian people who constituted the majority of the population (the �big brother� in the �friendly family� of the rest) had any doubts or objections, when Stalin was arranging famine for Ukrainians and Kazakhs, exiled whole nations, throwing people out in open prairies (Crimean Tatars, Ingushes, Chechens, hundreds of thousands of Jews), when there was the �expansion of borders� of the USSR by means of interventions and seizure of the neighboring countries� territories (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania)�

Almost a century of the new nightmare of Russia had passed in this way � whereas almost all nations around, except the ones enslaved by Russia, were developing successfully.

* * *

What could the future of all those executioners be?

This group was not homogeneous, but every one of them secured hell for themselves.

What is hell from the standpoint of the Evolution? This is a dumpsite, a cesspit for the waste. Those who cultivate coarseness, cruelty, violence, and arrogance, instead of love and refinement, � proceed to this dumpsite for souls.

Then God sorts this garbage and sends the majority of souls to incarnate again � to continue to live in hell on the Earth after having lived in non-material hellish eons. By doing this He gives those souls another chance to change and transform themselves. Former executioners become victims of other � new � executioners (there are always enough of them in certain parts of the Earth), so that they know by experience what it is like to suffer because of a cruel caprice of other people.

This is how evil, controlled by God, also serves the Evolution. But the victims, if they do not grow embittered, if they learn to forgive, to cast away vengeance, enduring sufferings like heroes and being unable to betray friends or slander anyone, � they will defeat their bad destiny, leave hell, and receive an opportunity to join the ascending stream of the Universal Evolution.

Every one of us has free will: we may either choose to move towards the dumpsite of the Evolution � or towards the Abode of the Creator.

And let those who �do not know what they do� make their choice while it is not too late!

And based on this book and the books cited here, everyone can make their own personal plan of self-transformation and helping others.


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