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The Perestroika

… The Perestroika was headed by Mikhail Gorbatchev — a hero of the planetary scale, who spared the nations of the Earth for some time from the threat of total destruction in the hell of a nuclear war, — the threat that was coming at the time from Russia as the main breeding ground of international terrorism.

But he was… not able to transform himself to the right degree. Since he did not know anything either about God, or the purpose of human life, or the Will of God regarding us…

He made several tragic mistakes: mass bloodsheds in Baku, Tbilisi, Vilnius, his trust in the “fellow party members”…

And he was succeeded by Yeltsin…

* * *

Russian bard Igor Talkov sang at that time:

Show me the country,

Where tyrants are praised,

Where the nation celebrates

The victory in the war over itself…

Show me the country,

Where everyone is deceived,

Where “backwards” means “forward”

And vice versa!…

Show me the country,

Where temples are nailed up,

Where a priest hides KGB epaulets

Under his frock.

Show me the country,

Where boors prosper,

And the rulers rob the country

Defying the law!

Do not spin the globe, for you are not going to find it:

One can’t find such a state on the planet Earth,

Except for that fatal one, in which all of you do not live…

Do not live — because it can’t be called life…

And inspiring the new president:

Our exhausted country

Defeated by Communism,

Awakened from sleep,

Believes in you, like in God.

Justify the faith:

The moment has come!

Justify this faith,

Mister President!

And the president gave the deciding battle. The Gorbatchev-Yeltsin’s Perestroika won the political victory.

But… what came out of it — this does not have to be explained to the contemporary people of Russia.

… The Russian Orthodox Church was almost completely destroyed by the Bolsheviks. It ceased to be the dominating force in the country during the “Soviet” rule. From among the priests who survived the Red Terror, those who were members of the Church for their selfish interests, escaped, since now they started to be persecuted themselves.

And in this new situation the Church began to play a positive role: it became a refuge for those people who sought salvation from the darkness of atheism. And it attracted a great number of pure souls, for whom it could provide a refuge in the beginning stages of their spiritual quest.*

And the Perestroika, that followed, gave all people the opportunity to read the New Testament and other religious books.

But the theological concept of the Orthodox Church did not change! It was still unable to explain neither what God is, nor how Jesus Christ relates to God-the Father, nor what the term Holy Spirit denotes, nor what the purpose of human life consists in. It did not teach people to love either living beings, including people, or God. It did not teach the methods of opening and developing the spiritual heart. And if people are not taught cordial love, it means they are not taught Christianity!

Not having understood all this, president Yeltsin, searching for allies against the “red”, started to re-establish the Church de-facto in the status of the state religion. He started to call the patriarch of this organization “the spiritual leader of Russia”…

Priests began to teach schoolchildren the nonsense about the “virginal conception” and the “original sin”… And the schoolchildren divided into fools who are able to believe in this — and the intelligent ones who reject these tales, along with religion and its God altogether. And then they began to try drugs…


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