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Russian Perspective

According to the data collected in 1999, almost half of the country’s population was addicted to alcohol. Alcoholics bear mentally and physically defective children — their chromosomes are already impaired. They (and their children) are unable to produce a healthy posterity. In Russia, 17% of children were born with congenital imbecility. One more percent could trigger the irreversible process of genetic degeneration of the nation [32]. Such a nation is not able to reproduce itself; it turns into a country of feeble-minded freaks and then becomes extinct.

And this is not all. In 1999 80% of students had tried drugs other than alcohol and nicotine, while 20% were already addicted to “hard” drugs, like heroine. This percentage is growing each year. Such people usually only live for 4 years more…

Time will come when there will not be enough healthy young men to serve in the army, to replenish the ranks of scientists, doctors, and engineers. Russia will turn into a country of mentally retarded cripples and pensioners, who do not receive pensions…

None of the mass religious organizations that exist in Russia today can offer a complete and reasonable religious concept which would satisfy people of all stages of spiritual development and, what is even more important, would correspond to the hopes of God.


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