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What Should We Do?

In this critical time it is extremely important to understand that God does exist.

God is real, regardless of how much effort some people make to defile Him.

He indeed is constantly present everywhere. He takes part in everything that people do, but in most cases He gives them freedom of will.

He has no intention to make paradise for deprived nations of the Earth.

He takes to His paradise and into Himself only the Worthy Ones from the earthly hell.

And now we have to prove to God that we are capable of progressing, from the Evolutionary standpoint. He intended to gather a good harvest of Perfect Souls. And the nation has to be promising in this regard!

The solution here consists in giving to people — in the scale of the state — the true knowledge about God and about what He wants from us.

Only then Russia could cease traveling along “the river of bloody tears to the land of lies” (from a song of I.Talkov).

The following words can help us in this task, the words which every reasonable person can agree to:

“Formal public worship, mumbling of hymns, habitual mechanic performance of rituals cannot make God dwell in your hearts. The Liberation is not in mystic formulas or beads, but rather in your efforts.

“… We need the faith which would enable us to look at ourselves as children of One God, Whose name is Love…” [10,56].


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