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There is an opinion that Russian Orthodoxy is the power that can consolidate the society. Let it be so! But Orthodoxy must change for this purpose. We do not want to come back to new “Middle Ages”!

Very promising in this regard are the words of Cyril, the new Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, which were repeated by him several times. Namely, he told about his intention to reform the Church, to enrich it with new modern knowledge — in particular with the help of scientists. The Church, according to him, must cease to be a Church for old women. It could be that he formed this intention after reading my books.

The president of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev supported this incentive of the Patriarch and declared that together with him, he will try to improve our society by increasing its spirituality.

I would be glad if the knowledge accumulated with my help could be useful for this task.

Introducing into the mentality of the society the fundamental knowledge about the meaning of our lives and correct relationships of man with the world (including God), also the psychological methods described by us would allow, among other things, to significantly reduce the level of aggressiveness, criminality, drug addiction, suicide, illnesses (both somatic and psychical ones).

For example, if there is no such understanding, then the natural dominant stimulus for actions in most people is their primitive egoism. This is the reason for the selfish motives of the majority of various criminal deeds: bribery, blackmail, robbery and theft, rape, etc.

From the standpoint of God, for the sake of correct evolutionary progress everyone must learn to live not for the sake of oneself but for the sake of others, for the sake of God. The example of such a life was demonstrated for us by the Life of Jesus Christ.

As for the “applicable”, so to speak, aspects of spiritual knowledge, it is clear that the health of the nation can be achieved not only through physical culture and sport. A much more important thing for people is to understand the meaning of their lives on the Earth, also to know the methods of its realization.

One of such methods is the art of psychical self-regulation. It allows one to get rid of negative emotional states and to realize the precept repeated many times by God: that one has to walk to spiritual Perfection, to cognition of God only through opening and further development of the spiritual heart.


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