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What Should Everyone Do?

Whatever politicians may decide and whatever the situation may turn out to be — it is better for everyone to begin as soon as possible to transform themselves.

First let us study all the main ideas expounded in the books cited here: they integrate, among other things, the most important knowledge imparted to people by God and what the best people of the Earth said about God.

Then let us get rid of all bad habits: smoking, drinking alcohol and other “stuff”, let us make our nutrition correct from the ethical and medical standpoints (see about this in [8,10,20,42]).

We have to analyze all ethically significant mistakes made in the past and to sincerely repent all the instances when we caused pain and other calamities to someone or did not help someone while we had to. This is our repentance before God. And its meaning is to get rid of vices, to grow missing positive qualities in ourselves, to learn not to sin anymore. Let us understand that God at every moment perceives every thought of every person. And in order to bring your thoughts to God, you do not need any intermediates or special rituals.

Let us start to habituate ourselves to being directed with “the eyes of the soul” to God. One can achieve this by reflecting about God and addressing Him. A long time ago God gave me a prayer-meditation, which was very helpful at the time. Here it is:

Lord! Unite our hearts in You!

Radiate us with Your Light, permeating the darkness of our passions!

May all-consuming love expand

And fill our hearts with Your exultation!

Oh, develop and grow in us, the seed of Lord!

Filling our hearts with the light of wisdom and knowledge!

May we always aspire towards You!


One may also use the Orthodox prayer-meditation “The Heavenly Tsar”: an address to the Holy Spirit [6].

But it can do no good to you if you just mechanically recite or mumble these words. Let us understand that each line of these verses is a meditation. Uttering them slowly, with the profound understanding of their meaning, we change the state of ourselves as consciousness with each phrase by attuning to God and cultivating needed qualities in ourselves.

If we have a need to visit temples to take part in collective meditation — it is perfectly all right, unless there is a risk of becoming a victim of the sectarian terror there. Temples, rituals, icons, and other objects of the religious cult can be helpful for beginners in religion. When people mature, this need falls off naturally. One may well grow out of the temples, in the direct meaning of this word. When the consciousness becomes large enough, such a person feels all temples in himself or herself; at this stage it becomes absurd to be in any temple physically.

Those who develop successfully must find direct communication with God not in temples but in the universe. And the entrance into His Abode is in one’s developed spiritual heart.

Let us also try to understand the following: because of the Old Testament’s absurdity regarding the “creation of man” virtually all people who read the Bible formed an opinion which is extremely harmful for understanding the most important things about oneself. This opinion consists in the contraposition of man versus the soul (or “I — versus my soul”).

While in reality man is a soul.

The true opposition would be the following: “man — versus the body” (or “I — versus my body”).

Thus, I am the soul!

Then one can begin developing as a soul, mastering relaxational and psycho-physical exercises, also the methods of cleansing and development of the spiritual heart, etc. [6 and others].

As a result, we have to become as near as possible to the state in which God lives. Then our communication with Him becomes as easy as communication with incarnate people. Then direct cognition of Him and Mergence with Him becomes real.

… On the other hand, there are people propagating the opinion that God is incognizable…

Do you know them?...

One thing is clear: for them God is incognizable indeed!


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