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To Live in Harmony with the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness

In this book we have examined many issues regarding the way we should live on the Earth in harmony with the Universal Process of the Evolution of Consciousness, in harmony with God.

We can emphasize the following main points:

1. The purpose of our lives consists in development of ourselves as consciousnesses (souls) by both qualitative and quantitative aspects � for the sake of merging with our Creator and enriching Him with ourselves upon attaining Divinity.

2. We must develop in ourselves love first and foremost, since God is Love. If we want to approach Him, we have to develop ourselves accordingly. This can be achieved by means of ethic self-correction, special methods of psychic self-regulation based on working with the chakras, and special meditative techniques of turning oneself (as a consciousness) into the spiritual heart, which first grows within the material body, then within our entire planet, and then within our galaxy and universe.

3. The Creator is the most refined form of consciousness that exists within the universe. He abides in the deepest part of the multidimensional Ocean of the Universal Absolute. Therefore, we can approach the Creator only through refinement of ourselves as consciousness. It is the methods of refinement of consciousness that allow one to experience and explore the increasingly subtle spacial dimensions � up to the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness, the Abode of the Creator.

4. In order to infuse into the Creator, we have to renounce our lower selves that manifest themselves in numerous vicious emotions, desires, and actions that originate from self-centeredness. The elimination of the latter allows one to realize the Higher Self, which is the Creator.

5. Our love for the Creator must be expressed in the urge to cognize Him and to Merge with Him, as well as in service to Him which consists in helping other souls on this Path.


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