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and to Come out from Him

To Enter the Primordial One �
and to Come out from Him

God in the Aspect of the Creator can be described as follows:

He is an Infinite, Boundless Universal Ocean of Consciousness, abiding in the state of Peace (or Calm).

When He is active, He is perceived as Divine Light and Fire.

The Creator exists in the multidimensional depth beneath every molecule of matter, including the matter of our bodies.

The Creator exists in the whole universe as a single Whole, as One. Individual consciousnesses that have flowed into Him exist in a mutually dissolved state, merged with Him and with each other, like drops of water in the ocean. But to carry out some special tasks, for example, to help incarnate souls, Divine Individualities can partly separate Themselves. These Individualities are called Holy Spirits or Holy Spirit (Brahman) in aggregate.

Direct cognition of the Creator is achieved by following the methodological principles and methods described, in particular, in our books [3,5-8,14, and others].

Cognition of the Creator consists in gaining the ability to enter the state of Mergence with Him in His Abode. Then one has to learn to come out from Him. This constitutes the full spiritual Self-Realization of man.


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