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You Are Welcome to Come There!

Once in this earthly life I myself was a man of vice: I did not think about God, killed animals — both for “scientific” purposes and as a hunter and fisherman [6,14]. Then — I sharply broke with that tradition of evil-doing — gave up smoking and drinking alcohol. This occurred thanks to an understanding: I realized why we live and why all evolving beings live. And I knew now that I would not kill an animal for food and would not use the body of a killed one — even if I would be starving to death.

When this dawned on me — the very communication with wild animals in the forest became so blissful!

… Once when I was picking mushrooms in Karelian forest I woke a hare. He stood on his back paws, stretched himself, yawning like a little puppy, cast a discontent sidelong look at me, and very slowly, not having quite awakened, toddled away…

I would have killed him before — my sweet forest friend…

But by that time I already knew that every killing of an innocent living being (or participation in such) is a transgression against the Evolution, against God.

… We traveled to wildlife areas in order to learn to love nature in its living beauty: to learn to love evolving Life — in the bodies of fish, frogs, ants, beasts, plants…

When we worked at places of power on expanding and refining our spiritual hearts, inhabitants of the forest cling to us, they were delighted in just being close to us.

Woodpeckers started to sing their spring courtship songs — not in spring or summer, but in November and December…

Robins perched on branches as close to us as they can. Then they started flitting among our standing bodies, flying next to the ground between our legs… They did not beg for food: human food does not appeal to them. They just took delight in being among people of love, among people of good.

But tomtits do eat both bread and cheese. They sometimes perched on our shoulders and heads, flew in circles over our bodies, hung poised in mid-air like bees, against our faces when we were eating, snatched out food from our hands, snatched cheese from sandwiches while they were on the way to the mouth…

Laughter, shared joy, tenderness — this is the background which the Creator uses to explain how one can make this love universal in size. For this is what Love of the Creator is like.

… Once we were sitting at dawn at the edge of the forest, when a big hare came close to us. One of us, already an elderly woman, who had never seen a hare before, though, cried out:

“Hey! Look! A nanny goat came to us! What a sweetie!”

... The hare ran off to a twenty meter distance and sat, staggering, moving its ears. A mute question was reading in its eyes: “Why — a nanny goat?!”

… In order not to offend hares and other animals anymore, I then prepared my friends for encounters like that: I showed to them traces of hares, foxes, beavers, and mice on the snow in winter…, told them what they ate, where they slept, etc. In spring we traveled to mating grounds to listen to the singing of woodcocks, black grouses, skylarks, lapwings, and curlews.

There we learned to embrace God with the arms of consciousness, stretched from our refined and expanded spiritual hearts.

At that time Sathya Sai Baba and Jesus Christ in Divine Fiery Form were with us. Krishna, Babaji, Huang-Di, and other Divine Teachers also often visited us then. Instead of the Sun, beautiful Surya and Lada would shine for us with Their wonderful Divine Light during overcast weather. Other times Rada and Elisabeth Haich — a former daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh — would give us Their Divine Tenderness. Mary Magdalene would dissolve us in Her Divine Love. Don Juan Matus would raise His hat in greeting, while Genaro, David Copperfield, the Apostles Philip, John, Mark, Andrew, Matthew, also Ptahhotep, Lao, and many Others would smile brightly at us…

We loved Them all — and They loved us, paving the Path to Their common Abode for us — the Abode of the Universal Creator.

You are welcome to come there too! It is beautiful there! And there is enough room for everyone!

It is more than paradise!


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