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True Revelation of the Apostle John, the Evangelist

God is Light!

This Living Light of the Divine Consciousness penetrates everything with Itself. And there is no such place where this Light cannot penetrate.

It is everywhere! It is the Basis of life and the Refuge for Those Who became One with It after the death of Their bodies.

Oh, this Light! It is so beautiful, so blissful and attractive, so pure and tender! I find bliss only in It, being It!

It is the subtlest Basis of Eternal Life!

All human troubles and grievances step away if you enter this Light!

The One Who has cognized It and becomes It shines on the world with this Light, similar to the morning’s tender sunlight. This Person scatters the darkness, and new souls awake to the True Life! And the sprouts of love spring up in them, being warmed and nourished by the Light!

This Light gives Calm so blissful and all-penetrating!

I am dissolved in this Ocean of Blissful Light-Calm…

In this way, through the ages, Those Who have cognized the Light and became One with It exist. They exist being Bliss, Calm, Eternity, and Infinity.

… And on the surface of the multidimensional Ocean of the Absolute, storms are raging: people — in chase of illusions — destroy the harmony and create chaos and darkness…

But Those Who, for the sake of Their Eternal Love for the Ocean, always aspiring to re-establish peace and calm everywhere, come from the Depths, incarnating Themselves into human bodies. But They cannot always stop human chaos. They sometimes sacrifice Their earthly lives, being swept away by ignorance, and return to the Bliss of the Depths of the Ocean to come again later to incarnate people…

One of such Messengers of the Depths was Jesus, Whom I loved more than my life, and He gave me the Life!

We all loved Him endlessly!

He was simple and unpretentious, as simple as a flower could be, which gives its fragrance, nectar, and beauty, as simple as a brook could be, which nourishes with its water all incarnate beings.

At the same time, He was truly Great, as Great could be the Ocean from Which He came.

He smiled and Light illuminated all around! He carried joy, salvation, peace, and bliss! He carried comprehension, liberation, and purity! He gave us the Highest Subtlety of the Primordial!

What a pity that at that time we could not embrace completely and immediately what He gave us! Our “vessels” were too small then and not completely cleaned yet…

He dedicated His life to us, as well as to many others, so that we could clean our “vessels” and grow as spiritual hearts.

He helped many people then. And He keeps helping us now!

And let gratitude to Him be great!

Gratitude opens “the door of the soul” so that He may then enter…


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