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About Communication with Divine Teachers

When trying to establish first contacts with Divine Teachers, beginner mystics often meet with some type of misunderstanding. The main reason for this is that these people are unable to correctly identify their Interlocutor and to critically assess the information they receive.

First, a certain spirit (even a hell being) can pretend to be a Divine Teacher. Divine Teachers Themselves sometimes speak in such a manner that could be understood in two ways; They do it on purpose — in order to develop ethical qualities and intellectual abilities of Their disciples, as well as to probe their level of development by these criteria.

There are several ways one can recognize Divine Teachers. The main criterion is the Divine Level of Refinement of the Consciousness. Divine Teachers usually appear in a giant anthropomorphic form (a Mahadouble) consisting of Divine Transparent Calm, Light, or Fire, Which is the subtlest and tenderest, which does not burn those who are truly righteous, and which can be white, goldish, or light-scarlet. A soul who has not attained Divinity cannot accept such a form.

But in order to be able to see Divine Teachers like this, one has to become close to Them by the level of refinement of the consciousness. This is not easy to achieve. And until it is, one must assess the information obtained by mystical means very carefully. It must be necessarily checked against the Precepts and Instructions of God that can be found in the holy books.

Many people who do not do this get into the traps set by hellish spirits and end up in mental hospitals as a result of their contacts with “cosmic teachers”.


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