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Hell, Paradise, and Karma

By the way, did you notice the difference between creation of good or bad karma during one’s life in the material body — and the mechanisms that determine the qualities of one’s “afterlife” abode?

In this respect one should understand that certain ethically significant emotions, thoughts, words, and actions form the corresponding type of karma. What is the meaning of this? By means of forming our destinies in accordance with this rule God seeks to disaccustom us to the evil and to make us cling to the good.

What abode we prepare ourselves to live in after the death of our bodies — hell, paradise, or Divine eons — this depends on the levels of subtlety-coarseness scale (of states of consciousness) to which we accustomed ourselves to during our lives in the material bodies on the Earth.

Our being associated with some particular religious organization or whether we have faith in the existence of God or not — does not directly matter in this case.

I had numerous chances to make sure the latter is true by observing the “post-death” state of people whom I knew very well.

One of them was a famous scientist, who was a determined and staunch atheist. But he dedicated his life to doing Good, heroically and self-sacrificially helping people with the highest knowledge and methods that he possessed. His predisposition to atheism was determined by the fact that he lived with a gruesome “Jew stigma” in Russia during a cruel era of “militant atheism” and that of all the religious concepts, he was only familiar with the one which could not possibly satisfy him as an intellectually highly-developed person.

He was leaving his body being a decrepit old man, suffering because of this, realizing with deep sorrow that his “end” was coming.

And one can only imagine how astounded he got later on discovering that there was no “end”!

Shortly before his leaving he called me on the phone with a clear intention of saying “good-bye”. (We used to work together for a long time). Summing up his life, he was saying very sincerely:

“I have lived an honest life, Vladimir! I have also given all of myself so that people would live better!”

I again made an attempt to steer the conversation into topics related to God and the immortality of the soul. But he was reluctant to talk about it; he was totally occupied with the personal results of his life. The dialog did not happen…

Then he, non-embodied, often visited me together with his wife — a kindest beautiful woman who left this world shortly before him. They are both in an excellent state and their abode is paradise. They would stay watching me doing something, and then exchange opinions between each other. Sometimes, addressing me, he said:

“Right, Vladimir! Right!”

Having to live in the Russia of that time, both of them suffered much. And, of course, they could not accept the “Christianity” that had contrived to officially damn all Jews and had treated them in a more or less hostile manner ever since. They endured everything humbly, never slipping into bitterness and exasperation. They just silently wondered at the ethical primitivism that was surrounding them. And they were right! Now they live in paradise.

I also knew one of his closest colleagues, who was also a scientist and a Jew by the ethnicity of the material body, and who did very much during the last years of his earthly life to bring people closer to the understanding of the soul’s immortality, and who wrote many works on psychology. But he lived his life in an endless bustle, made the assertion of his name among other people the main goal of his efforts, developed super-mendacity (he could become tangled in lies even in the course of one conversation, laying himself bare), insisted that “man is an autonomous, closed system”, did not think about God and did not conform his life to God’s Existence, developed his lower self to such an extent that it was full of various vices “sticking out”. He ended his earthly life of a brain disease. Now that he left his body he can be seen as a “warped”, dark being, still devoid of peace. The hell he created is continuing for him…

I am saying this with great sorrow: this man helped many people on Earth to start seeking for true Freedom. But it turned out that he himself did not seek it.

Another couple of examples are two singers who were well-known in Russia and who contributed significantly to the liberation of the country from the tyranny of the Communist Party.

Igor Talkov, who used to sing quite ordinary songs about worldly love, upon maturing started to sing in a rich, bold, and beautiful manner about political freedom and about God! And soon he died as a hero for other people’s freedom. He spent the last years of his earthly life in triumphant and confident union with God, being strongly assured in the continuity of life — with or without a body… And his current status in his new life without a body is quite high. He is still beautiful!

But another Russian bard, Talkov’s contemporary, who had written and sung a lot more wonderful, glorious, and wise songs than Talkov had, and who also died in the struggle against Russian evil, who struggled but never found peace, harmony, and tranquil and tender love — after the death of the body he remained in this “psyched out”, “ruffled” state. He continued to live in this “I-am-lacking-air!” kind of emotion and with the desire “to rush on horses along the brink of the precipice”… But where he is now — it is not needed; it is — inappropriate there... And hence — his unquenchable anguish…

After all, after the death of the body we remain in the same state to which we accustomed ourselves during life in the body and in which the death of the body caught us…

And let us, my dear readers, keep in mind: even by performing great sacrificial feats in the state of exasperation, without inner peace and love, but with a feeling of dissatisfaction of our lower selves we may improve our karmas, but we do not get closer to the Creator. And we do not realize the purpose of our lives in full.

God does approve of heroism and feats. But these feats should not be a sort of personal rebellion (although righteous), but rather conform to the profound philosophical understanding of the Plan of our Creator regarding all of us who live in bodies on Earth!

How many people could have benefited if they had received this knowledge in a timely manner! What a huge number of brilliant souls could have avoided making tragic mistakes that had such a devastating impact on their destinies!

But, every one of us can choose to help make tragedies like this less frequent, to help other people, so that they can stop making grave mistakes because of their lack of the true religious knowledge!

* * *

... I have never been seriously or for a long time interested in spiritism. I was drawn towards cognition of the Creator. However, I had numerous contacts with non-embodied people and animals.*

In particular, many Russian physicians who graduated from Saint Petersburg Pediatric Institute certainly remember my mother — Irina Antonova: she had a medical education and taught physiology for several decades in this institute. Those who knew her during her life on the Earth would be pleased to know that now she continues to fulfill doctor’s duties, wearing a white doctor’s smoke and a phonendoscope around her neck. The last time I saw her she helped a woman who was being reanimated. Irina Antonova comforted the woman when she found herself “on the other side”, in the world of the non-incarnate consciousnesses, and explained to her that she was alive, just in a different way…

That woman got well after that and now continues to live in her material body.

… My mother was prepared by me for her own departure. When she left her body — peacefully and painlessly — she made sure that I did not need her help and went to look for her husband, who left his body several years ago (I wrote about his life and the circumstances in which he left in the book [14]). Later she returned, upset, complaining that she had been unable to find him anywhere…

But one day — someone helped her, apparently — she did find him! It turned out that he had just embodied again. Used to helping people during her embodied life, she attempted to start caring for him. But… later she came back to me in grief:

“It is not interesting for me to be with him!”

He was only two months old at the time…

“He does not understand anything yet!...” — she complained.

These were her first steps in getting used to the non-material existence.

Later on, as we already know, there appeared more serious responsibilities for her.

… I have already mentioned that not only people, but also animals can live in the “other world”, and one can really communicate with them: such communication occurs on the level of thoughts and emotions, and not only words.

Paradise and hell also exist for them. As in the case of people, their status can be easily determined using clairvoyance according to the level of refinement of the consciousnesses: light ones are inhabitants of paradise, while gray and black ones (in terms of the color of the soul) are those who live in hell.

Hellish animals very frequently can be found in the bodies of incarnate people as imps, which cause certain kinds of diseases. One of the reasons for this type of their behavior can consist in their feeling of resentment, because those people caused them pain or killed their bodies. In other words this represents the mechanism of manifestation of the negative karma of people who eat bodies of killed animals.

But “paradisiacal” animals, who are free of malignancy, revengefulness, but on the contrary — who used to be full of love during their lives in the bodies, continue to live there in joy and happiness.

I had a chance to communicate with the dogs who used to be my friends and assistants in my scientific research. I initiated the first contact with them, after they were killed by other scientists after my studies had been completed, when I deeply repented of my forced betrayal of them, but they… were just jumping around joyfully and licking my hands and face.

“We will be protecting you!” — this was their sincere desire, which could be easily perceived without words: being transferred directly from one consciousness to another.


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