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and Marriage

Beginning of Sexual Life
and Marriage

I am sure that in a school everyone has to learn the basics of sexological knowledge. People could have avoided so many calamities thanks to this!

This concerns the first sexual experience, first of all, since neither boys nor girls know how to behave in this case! This results in rude deflorations, unwanted pregnancies, involvement of children in sexual relations…

For example, everyone knows that a sexual act with a girl who has not reached puberty is a bad and even criminal thing. But why? What does this prohibition mean? Is it just a moral dogma that can be ignored if no one would come to know?

Only a few out of many men in our country understand that the reason for this prohibition is not moral but medical, anatomical!

The female genitals become fit for a sexual intercourse only after a certain age when the organism begins to produce estrogens intensively. It is under the influence of estrogens that the tissues of the genitals start to grow and thus become ready for normal sexual relations*; a sexual intercourse before this can cause rupture of the genitals…

… For girls, the beginning of sexual life implies defloration — rupture of the hymen.

This membrane, which shields the vagina’s opening in girls, is not an “error of nature”, as it was asserted by some authors, but it serves as an important protection against various impurities and infections; and of course it does not have any “religious” meaning. Such a protection is especially important in childhood, because until puberty the chemical environment inside the vagina is alkaline (as it is also during menstruations at an elder age), and a much greater variety of pathogenic microorganisms are likely to prosper and multiply in an alkaline environment as opposed to an acid one. Healthy women have an acid intravaginal environment (when they are out of menstruation).

The rupture of the hymen occurs usually during the first sexual intercourse, and this is quite a painful process.

Common ethics requires from a man to minimize this pain. During defloration (rupture of the hymen), he has to enter the vagina only once — and to get out right away; subsequent genital contacts are not allowed until the wound gets healed, which happens in a few days.

When defloration is performed in this manner, painful sensations are minimal, while a prolonged sexual contact in this situation could make them extremely acute or even lead to death of the girl.

A girl who is about to undergo defloration has to inform her partner about it and, perhaps, even to provide him with some instructions.

A lack of care from the side of the man in this situation is a sign of such a great level of his ethical immaturity that I would not recommend maintaining any further relationship with him, let alone marrying him.

In perverted religious traditions, as we all know, there may exist a requirement that a girl must enter into a marriage a virgin and that two people must get married “blindly”: without first having studied each other as to their sexual compatibility or even the possibility of living together. However, spiritually advanced people cannot share this opinion.

It is important to understand that not all couples can reach sexual harmony.

And without such harmony, a family life is hardly possible. Especially if we recall that some people — both men and women — are absolutely sexually unfit! We also must not forget about such factors of sexual incompatibility as anatomic variations of the genitals, bioenergetic incompatibility…


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