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With Whom?

Without getting to know sexual harmony, a person is unlikely to evolve correctly, let alone to create a happy family!

Therefore, in order to become a stable and harmonious couple both partners have to obtain some prior sexual experience — of course, taking all necessary safety measures against sexually transmitted diseases and regarding contraception (prevention of unwanted pregnancy). Gaining this kind of experience per se must not be considered as a “sin” (see [20] for detailed account of what is not allowed in sexual relations in the face of God).

Let sex not turn into a mere amusement! Let it not be a means of satisfaction of one’s lust (egotistic sexual passion)! But it is ethically “legitimate” if used as a way of expressing and giving one’s love and as a way of searching mutual harmony.

Yet it makes sense to give one’s love in its sexual manifestation only to worthy partners.* But how can one get to know beforehand who is worthy?

For this it would be very helpful to study and to understand the philosophy of our existence on Earth, in particular to know the meaning of our lives and the laws of the Evolution of Consciousness. (One can read about this in the books [15-23,87-88]).

After reading these books one can understand that people differ by their evolutionary age. And this determines the spiritual potential of every person. Knowing one’s own position on the “stairway” of spiritual ascent as well as the positions of other specific people allows determining better whom one can help and from whom one can learn.

Of course, when I say “learn”, I do not mean sex. As we evolve, we learn almost everything from one another. And if we do not just seek a momentary entertainment in our sexual relations but try to establish long lasting and serious contacts — this allows us to get to know other people’s experience, to add something to our own, and to share ours experiences with others.

It is very useful to learn to fall in love with people, to merge by souls with others. This will help us in the future to merge by the soul with our Main Beloved!

* * *

One of my female acquaintances — a physicist with a university degree — told me, “I had — at different times — many men. And I am grateful to each of them for what I learned from them.”

I liked these words.

Her next man, though, turned out to be an experienced drug addict, who believed that he walks his “spiritual path” with the help of drugs. And she started to learn from him… I never saw her again since…

I do not recommend that anyone follow the latter example.

However, this would not have happened to her if she had known the meaning of her life and been familiar with the methodology of spiritual self-development.

* * *

Many people suffer because they cannot become sexually attractive or desirable, or because they cannot create a family. Hence they have depressions, suffer from alcoholism or other addictions, commit suicide...

Yet the correct solution of this problem is very simple: one just need to “open” anahata and start to develop oneself as a spiritual heart. Thanks to this — in a very short period of time — a radical change of the whole appearance of a person, including his or her face, happens. One’s behavioural reactions change as well since this person does not perceive the surrounding world as a hostile environment anymore! One’s bioenergy field acquires the properties thanks to which others begin to enjoy communication with such a person and start to be attracted to him or her…

And this situation can be improved even more if one begins to preach this simple truth to others…


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