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Gunas and Sex

Gunas is the term that denotes sets of qualities, primarily, of human souls. There are three gunas (although there are states �above the gunas� � i.e. Divine states [15-20,23]).

Tamas guna is ignorance, rudeness, violence, and malice.

Rajas guna is a purer, yet intensely passionate state.

Sattva guna implies purity, peace, clear understanding, and harmony.

If a representative of the tamas guna disincarnates without having changed his or her status, then this person inevitably appears in hell. Representatives of the sattva guna after disincarnation live in paradise. People of rajas guna may find themselves in the intermediate states. Therefore it is in everyone�s interests to strive for sattva (and then further). For this, one needs to learn the methods of changing oneself.

In the context of this book, we can discuss manifestations of sexuality pertaining to representatives of each guna.

Tamasic sexuality is rude, primitive, and egotistic.

Rajasic one has some traces of egotism and is passionate.

Sattvic sexuality is tender, caring, unobtrusive, and harmonious.

From the spiritual standpoint, only the latter has any significance. With its help one can strengthen oneself in sattva and help others in this regard.

The fact is that sattva is pertinent to more women than men. Men, willing to acquire sattvic qualities, have to work specially on self-transformation, taking sattvic women as models, among other methods.

We have mentioned already that even hormones of the female body contribute to the development of the sattvic qualities (although not all women use this opportunity).

Now let me note that the anatomical structure of a healthy female body is a perfect model that men can use for attunement and that allows them to refine their emotions.

Why, for instance, female breasts attract men so much? Because one of their primary qualities is tenderness.

The same qualities are pertinent to the skin and to the whole image of sattvic women.

So let women realize their natural purpose of helping spiritually to men who are worthy of such help! And let men love tenderly and with care their female assistants who are worthy of it!

* * *

There is an interesting observation: mammary glands of all mammals, except for humans, swell and become pronouncedly apparent only for a period of lactation. But mammary glands of women are �swollen� all the time starting from the age of their puberty!

Why is it so? Why do women who are not breast-feeding have to wear all this load on their bodies? What was the Creator�s intent when He introduced this information into the human genes?

Well, His plan was exactly what we are talking about right now.

When a woman accepts petting of man�s hands and lips on her breasts � fire of love kindles in her anahata chakra, which is directly connected to her mammary glands by large energy canals. As a result, her spiritual heart grows as well as her spiritual potential, which she can realize fully afterwards by redirecting her burning love to God!

And a man who is fondling his beloved attunes, voluntarily or not, to her subtle love and becomes like her.

All people who love each other tenderly experience this. But if we do not understand the highest importance of these subtle states for our spiritual growth, for our ability to approach God and to cognize Him, then we can lose these states easily or forget about them afterwards!

This is why it is essential to have comprehensive knowledge about God, about the principles of the Evolution of Consciousness and regularities of spiritual growth. It is only when we love consciously that sexual love can help us accelerate the evolution of us as souls. We share this knowledge with all people in our books [14-24,87-88,96-104].

* * *

This is what Jesus Christ taught to the men who were listening to Him:

�� I say unto you, after God your best thoughts should belong to the women and the wives, woman being for you the temple wherein you will obtain the most easily perfect happiness. Imbue yourselves in this temple with moral strength. Here you will forget your sorrows and your failures, and you will recover the lost energy necessary to enable you to help your neighbor.� (See [20,36]).

* * *

Sattvic erotica in the arts (dance, photography, painting, etc.) can also contribute to spiritual growth of people by imbuing them with subtlety, tenderness, and beauty!


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