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Sex on the Spiritual Path

Methods of spiritual work can be divided into two general groups:

1) �Ritualistic� ones � used by believers who learn very basics of religion (whether these basics are correct or not is a separate issue) and accustom themselves (with the help of rites, in particular) to the idea that God really exists.

2) True esoteric methods that involve special psychic techniques with the help of which worthy spiritual seekers master cleansing and development of the energy structures of their organisms (the chakras and major meridians), transform themselves as consciousnesses into large spiritual hearts, and then proceed to direct and personal cognition of God � in His various Manifestations, including the Creator.

It should be mentioned here that the basic ethical principles, which we have discussed in this and other books [14-24,87,88,96-104, and others], must be accepted as fundamental by all spiritual seekers and applied to their sexual relations as well.

The most important of these principles is non-harming other living beings (ahimsa).

The only way one can fulfill this principle is by suppressing one�s egotistic tendencies. Those who have not made necessary efforts to accomplish the above said do not have a right to practice esoteric methods. If this rule is ignored, God will have to stop such candidates by means of various personal catastrophes in their lives. And mental diseases may be one of the consequences of this.

In order to master successfully esoteric methods of spiritual work, one needs a large amount of energy. Among other factors that determine one�s energy status is the proper functioning of the chakra system. A natural stimulator of the latter is a harmonious sexual life. Those people who have not got this kind of experience are unlikely to achieve any serious success in spiritual work. It is also hard even to imagine them working with Kundalini or with creation of dharmakayas � stable macrostructures of the refined consciousness that are created beyond the physical body and consist of giant analogues of chakras.

There exists another factor which confirms that for spiritual seekers sexual life is recommended. The point is that longing for cognition of God must be the main dominant in the lives of such people. And its existence and growth must not be impeded by other dominants such as sexual dissatisfaction. In other words, one should have an opportunity to relieve an excessive bioenergetic sexual tension within harmonious marriage.

But in this case � I will stress it once again � it is essential that the partners be adequate both in terms of their health condition and the level of their bioenergetic refinement, as well as the degree of their general spiritual advancement.

It is also important to point out that a harmonious marriage is extremely favorable for the correct development of one�s emotional sphere � namely, for the refinement of the consciousness through the development of such emotions as sexually colored tenderness, caring attention, gratitude, etc. Without this no serious spiritual advancement is possible.

At initial stages of esoteric work, the following exercises can be used (they can beautify the sexual contact and contribute to successful cleansing and development of the bioenergetic structures): the partners unite energies of their homonymous trunk chakras or rotate together energy around the microcosmic orbit.

However, I should emphasize that such techniques can give a positive effect only for those who have strengthened themselves in sattva. You are welcome to read our books in order to learn how one can achieve this � and then sattvic sex will help you to strengthen even more this emotional status!

* * *

In addition, let us see the opinion of Jesus Christ about this:

�Tenderness is one of the amazing qualities of God.

�How I would like to persuade all people who live now on the material plane to understand the beauty, holiness, and greatness of a holy communion between two souls known as sexual relations! If this is achieved � this alone could contribute greatly to sanctification of this most beautiful and wonderful experience! Until people understand the Divine purpose of this intention, which exists on all planes of the Creation without exception, many of them will think of it as of some disgraceful animal manifestation that has nothing to do with holy ecstasy, with this exultation of wholeness!

�I know that this will change when people read these words! I know � this will touch hearts and will transform many people! This will produce an unexpected impulse and will make people realize what a terrible loss and distortion it was to bring to such a humiliating condition that which was supposed to be and will become one of the most sacred experiences between two people! It possesses wholeness; this is why We call it holy. This is a perfect and holy communion when performed as a perfect ritual by two people called husband and wife.

�(But) under no circumstances I approve of casual sexual relations. � Under no circumstances ignorance that manifests in casual sexual relations must prevail; otherwise you will get chaos and decay of the world.� [20,36]

* * *

Sexuality is a natural biological function of any healthy and mature organism; it is equally pertinent to humans, animals, and even plants � at their vegetative level. Sexuality ensures reproduction. In case of people and highly organized animals, it also plays a socializing role, while the upbringing of offspring contributes to the development of numerous emotions and ethical qualities valuable from the standpoint of spiritual evolution.

But a spiritually advanced person can in addition use his or her own sexuality consciously in order to accelerate his or her progress towards spiritual Perfection.

Sexuality for this type of people represents, first of all, a sphere of ethical education. Here everyone can learn many things: from initial elimination of primitive egocentrism � to total control over one�s own sexual emotions and use of sexuality only for the sake of common evolutionary development.

What are the reasons why some religious movements try to suppress sexuality and even to defile it in every possible way? Such reasons are two.

The first one is a valid tendency to prevent sexually transmitted diseases from spreading among the population lacking in culture; at the same time, this served as a measure of birth control, since the society was unable to provide many children with food and education.

The second reason is the tendency of the leaders of sects (religious movements that deviated from the Original Teachings of God) to subjugate people and to make them dependent on these leaders by means of instilling feelings of �guilt� and �sinfulness� into the congregation: by convincing people that they are hopeless sinners just because of the fact of their birth and by asserting that only they � the �pastors� � have an authority from God to free people from their sins; what people have to do is to respect and honor the �pastors� for that, obey all their orders and, of course, bring them as much money as possible! And, it must be admitted, this kind of lie found support among crowds of intellectually undeveloped people. Several mass religious sects have been able to exist for many centuries thanks to people believing in this and similar kinds of lie.

Let me give just one example from the modern life of Russia: the name of the central Catholic cathedral in Moscow is �Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception�. I personally would not even come close to the doors of such a cathedral, for the very name of this �temple� claims that only one conception in the history of Earth � the conception of the mother of Jesus � was immaculate, implying that other conceptions are maculated� But this defiles all other conceptions! It also defiles all mothers and fathers, all children that have been born � as well as sexual love between people!

Any intelligent person understands that this defilement cannot be from God, but from impure and lying people! We can read in the Bible that God commanded people to �be fruitful and multiply�, while tender and caring attitude of Jesus towards children is clear from the New Testament (see also chapters Original Teachings of Jesus Christ and Gospel of Philip in the book [20]).

� Yet there exists another kind of lie presented in the religious form: the more sex the more intensively one grows �spiritually�, which happens thanks to the accumulation of sexual energy in the organism; and even �long live masturbation!� � as a means of learning to love oneself!� I heard this kind of nonsense on television and read about it in the books that were published in Russia during the past several years. This has also been propagated under the name of �sexual tantra�, practical seminars on which are offered without any pre-selection for everyone who is willing to pay� Sometimes these classes include, as a part of their program, humiliation of the �students� and even �ritual� group raping�

But all these nonsense and lie are a result of either religious ignorance or� a plain desire of the organizers to make money on the lascivious tendencies of their clients. It has nothing to do with spirituality.

We have already discussed that only the sexuality of sattvic people can be beneficial on the spiritual Path, i.e. the sexuality of people who have purified themselves of coarse emotions and primitive passions and refined themselves. But encouraging the lust of the rest only does harm to them. Those who have refined themselves can also get nothing but harm from bioenergetic mixing that takes place at this kind of �seminars�, since coarse energies that get brought into motion at these gatherings produce a coarsening effect on them and cripple their health.

Moreover, possessing a large energy potential (even if this energy is not coarse) � does not lead by itself to any spiritual �breakthrough� or success. One has to know how to direct this energy � by means of special meditative techniques � at the re-creation of oneself in the Divine eons. If one does not do it � all this activated sexual energy most likely will be utilized only for further intensification of one�s lust, which has nothing to do with spiritual work and spiritual progress.

Spirituality implies longing of an individual consciousness (soul) for the Creator � but not for material bodies of sexual partners!* Sexuality must by no means displace God from the focus of one�s attention! Its role is to be just an auxiliary method for those who walk the spiritual Path together. (Or it is just a normal activity of a healthy organism, like eating or sleeping).

The pseudo-spiritual concept of �love for oneself�, which was imported to Russia, is vicious as well, since it is diametrically opposite to the true spiritual love, in which one�s selfish interests get abandoned and vanish, being replaced by altruistic and self-sacrificial love for other living beings. It is only from the state of this kind of love that one can cognize God and to merge with Him.

There is also a point of view that one must refrain from one�s own orgasms for the purpose of �spiritual growth�. Those practicing this accumulate the sexual energy (udana) of their partners in their organisms, without sharing their own udana with the partner. But based on ethical considerations, we must understand and accept that this is a form of bioenergetic vampirism! It must be viewed as nothing but a disgusting manifestation of the lowest qualities of egocentric primitives!

The �spiritual� recommendations that induce people to swim naked on public beaches are equally ignorant. Those who practice this say, �Let everyone look! You will not lose anything because of this!� But in reality, one can lose a lot, namely � one�s health, and along with health � many spiritual achievements. Nudist swimming with sattvic friends, with the members of one�s spiritual group is one thing (see [15,20,23,87]), but it is absolutely another thing to get naked in the sight of primitive people, who hate everyone and everything or who are obsessed with lust. These people can fill the bodies of their victims with their pathogenic energy just by looking at them�

After all, any person who looks at you with interest touches you with her o his indriyas of the consciousness and introduces them into your organism�

If people with pure souls admire your beauty � you receive portions of energy of their pure love; both they and you benefit from this.

But to get naked in the sight of representatives of the opposite pole � produces a diametrically opposite effect: you may get sick, get sick very seriously�

In addition, we should not forget about the risk of being raped by this kind of primitive people. In this case, bioenergetic damage caused to you can be even more serious�

Let me draw your attention to another ethical aspect of nudism: to impose one�s ideology on those who do not want it and to whom it is unpleasant (even if they are wrong objectively) is incompatible with the main ethical principle: �Do no harm!�.

* * *

So, in the end, let us discuss once again a question �with whom?�.

First of all, you yourself should enter the spiritual Path and start searching for our Creator! How you can do this is described in detail in our spiritual books, listed in the bibliography, and in the books of other authors. You can gather like-minded people around you � and start walking this Path! Get rid of unworthy ones! The unworthy ones are those who ignore the ethical aspect of spiritual work or who do not make progress in it. Together with the rest and with God, Who will surely be in the middle of you � become saturated with the bliss of His Love! And among your new true spiritual companions, you will undoubtedly find the one who will be closer to you than any other embodied disciple of God!

People tend to make a lot of stupid mistakes and to suffer unnecessarily if they attempt to build their lives having turned away from God. But everything is much easier if one aspires to God � a real living everyday Teacher of all people, Whom one can cognize if one knows about Him enough and lives in accordance with His Teachings! And then your life gets filled with the happiness of the creative Service and of the communication with spiritual seekers who go along with you to God! In this case, everything we do becomes incomparably more blissful and bright, everything, including work, rest, food, sleep, sexual love given to each other, and the mergence of two pure souls in this love.

* * *

Once God spoke in this way to one of His disciples, who later made tremendous progress on the spiritual Path:

�Do you really love Me?

�If so, why does your passionate aspiration, which must always burn in you, disappear?

�It is only in earthly marriages that routine, a feeling of being bored with each other, and apathy can appear.

�But love for Me is always like for the first time! It is life in everlasting ecstasy!

�Love for Me is a permanent desire to give all of oneself, this is not about consumerism!

�If your passion for Me fades away, if you are lazy in love � then you do not have true love yet. And without this, it is impossible to reach Me!

�You must assume responsibility for your life. You should not rely (even unconsciously) on your incarnate Teacher. No one can become Me being dragged to Me on a leash! One can merge with Me only if he or she leads others into Me. You must become a spiritual leader � at least for yourself: not a diligent doer but a leader! This is the only way you can reach Me!�

�How can I learn to love You even more?�

�Look at the faces around you. Dejection, boredom, anxiety, tiredness, and spite are on them� They are unhappy people, because they are not in love with Me!

�But you cannot lose the state of joy and exultation! Never!

�For I am your Beloved!

�You cannot be sad, for you are in love with the most beautiful Beloved of all!

�See, how lucky you are:

�Your Beloved cannot die, for He is eternal!

�Your Beloved cannot leave you even for a second, for He is omnipresent!

�He is always with you, inside and around you, and infinitely pervades you with His Love!

�Your Beloved is always new � you will never get bored with Him!

�And you will never doubt that He loves you, for your Beloved is Pure Love Itself!�

* * *

If you live exactly like this, realizing that God is indeed Love, that you can also become this Love, and that some progress in this has already been made � then you feel that it is not only two of us loving each other, but three: we and He! And turning into a Fire of Love that is burning inside our spiritual hearts � we are merging with the most Tender and Subtlest Universal Flame of the Divine Consciousness.


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