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the Sexual Function

Nutrition and
the Sexual Function

There is an opinion that the meat-containing diet increases male potency. But in reality, this diet just intensifies the sex drive, while affecting negatively the qualitative characteristics of the sexual function.

As a result of digestive processes, food in the digestive tract gets disintegrated into components that represent neutral elements, light acids, and alkalis. Some of these substances get destroyed quickly and removed out of the organism, while the rest can make either an oxidizing or alkalizing effect on the internal environment of the organism (blood, intercellular substance, etc.), shifting the acid-base balance in the corresponding direction. Depending on this quality all foodstuffs are generally classified as �acidic�, �alkaline� or �neutral�. The criterion by which different foodstuffs are classified to one of these groups is not their original pH, but the pH of those substances into which they get transformed inside the organism.

If the oxidizing or alkalizing impact on the internal environment produced by a certain food is insignificant and of short duration, the acid-base equilibrium is easily restored by the so-called �buffer systems�, which transform active acids or alkalis into other substances by means of special chemical reactions.

But if a person systematically eats a certain kind of food that dramatically shifts the acid-base balance (either to the acid or to the base side), the buffer systems fail to perform their functions in full. It is a prolonged shift of this equilibrium to the acid side that is more dangerous, though. Normally, in order to ensure proper metabolism, an alkalescent environment must be maintained in the body tissues.

Meat and fish products cause the strongest oxidization of the organism�s internal environment, while vegetables, fruits, and milk contribute to maintaining its alkaline condition. Even sour-tasting fruits produce an alkaline reaction as a result, since the chemically unstable acids that they contain get quickly destroyed.

Why is oxidation caused by excessive use of meat and fish so dangerous? Among other reasons is that even a slight shift of the acid-base equilibrium towards the acid side causes settling-out and formation of deposits of hardly-soluble salts of uric acid, which is a product of metabolism of a group of proteins called nucleoproteins (disintegration of other proteins produce highly soluble and harmless urea).

The main sources of nucleoproteins supplied to the organism with food are meat and fish products. Thus, they increase the concentration of uric acid salts inside the body and at the same time prevent the organism from disposing them. Under such conditions, salts of uric acid get deposited on the blood vessels� walls, in the muscular, cartilaginous, and other tissues.

Everyone heard about pain in joints that occurs in case of gout. But gout is usually a result of excessive consumption of meat and fish products. And inflammations in joints take place when gout has been progressing for a long time. Its earlier symptoms are caused by formation of deposits of uric acid salts on the walls of blood vessels in the brain. This provokes a narrowing of the vessels� lumen, a deterioration of their walls� elasticity, and � consequently �a disruption of the blood supply to the brain. Outer symptoms are impairment of memory, sleep disturbance, headaches, and irritability. As a result, one develops the mental state of chronic discomfort that in its turn causes protracted emotional stresses. The sexual function collapses in this case.

In order to get rid of this state, one may start with switching to alkalizing killing-free diet (i.e., first of all, the one which excludes meat and fish products). This kind of diet is pure from the physiological, bioenergetic, and ethical standpoints*. Milk and bird eggs, which can be used in this diet, contain a complete set of amino acids required for the human organism.

There are two division of the vegetative nervous system in the human organism: sympathetic and parasympathetic. These divisions somewhat confront each other (are in opposition to each other). The sympathetic division dominates in controlling the organism during stress situations, i.e. when there is a necessity to defend oneself or to attack, as well as in the states of anxiety, hunger, etc. As opposed to this, the parasympathetic division prevails when the organism is at rest and relaxed.

The sexual function is regulated by both these divisions. Male�s erection ability is regulated by the parasympathetic nervous structures, while the process of ejaculation � by the sympathetic ones. Dominant arousal of the parasympathetic division contributes to erection, while that of the sympathetic one � to a weakening of erection and to a faster ejaculation.

This is why the state of inner peace, as well as that of satiety, represents the best conditions for functioning of the reproductive system. But emotional stress, hunger, etc. cause deterioration of the physiological characteristics of the sexual function.

As it was showed above, what gets activated in case of gout is the sympathetic division of the nervous system while the parasympathetic one gets inhibited.

All this relates not only to men but also to women. Many women have difficulties reaching orgasm due to their chronic state of stress. One of their typical features is the inability to get into the proper mood and concentrate on sexual feelings during a sexual intercourse.

It is also interesting that people who do not eat meat and fish, as special fundamental research showed [48], demonstrate 2-3 times lower fatigability during physical work. Among followers of the killing-free diet there are many outstanding athletes, including Olympic champions in marathon running. Study of people engaged in hard physical work (rikshas) showed that, sticking to killing-free diet, they managed to perform a tremendous amount of work, running with a load of more than 40 kilometers per day in the heat. But they lost this ability when meat food was included in their ration.

Type of individual's diet also influences strongly one�s bioenergetic status, namely, the level of coarseness-subtlety of one�s bioenergies, emotional sphere, and correspondingly the consciousness. It is not possible to reach the heights of spiritual self-perfection unless one stops eating bodies of animals; among other reasons for this is that they contain the coarsest bioenergies, which remain in the body of the person who ate the dead body�s tissues.

As to emotions (and for a spiritually advanced person it is the emotional rather than physical component that is the most valuable in sexual relations), one can say with certainty that only those who have achieved a significant success in spiritual purification and bioenergetic refinement are really able to cognize the beauty of the sexual aspect of love.

Perhaps it would make sense to remember the following precept from the New Testament: �It is good not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything that makes your brother or sister stumble� (Romans 14:21).

Caffeine-containing products (coffee, tea, etc.), if consumed frequently, also affect the sexual function negatively, since caffeine stimulates mostly the sympathetic division of the nervous system.


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