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"An organism (but not the body!) of incarnated man is multidimensional".

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Structure of a human organism and structure of the Absolute

5. Structure of a human organism and structure of the Absolute

5:1. As we have discussed, man is not his body. Man is a consciousness (a soul) incarnated into a material body for a limited period of time.

5:2. An organism (but not the body!) of incarnated man is multidimensional. (It should be noted that the “seven bodies” scheme that is described in some books is methodologically wrong. It would be more correct to talk about rather a potential representation of every human in all principal layers of the multidimensional Absolute; it is this potential that man has to realize. This, by the way, is the concept, which is described in the Bible as likeness of man to God — God in the aspect of multidimensional Absolute (for more details see [6-8]).

5:3. The above said may be easier to understand if one considers the scheme of the structure of the Absolute presented at the end of this book.8 This scheme is not to be taken so straightforward since it is impossible to graphically illustrate multidimensionality of space adequately. Thus, in order to understand it one needs to keep in mind that each layer of multidimensionality shown on the scheme as lower in reality is located deeper on the multidimensional scale. And the deeper the layer the subtle it is. The Abode of the Creator is located in the deepest, that is the subtlest energetic layer of the multidimensional Absolute. This, therefore, is where we should seek Him. And refinement of consciousness (starting with mastering one's emotional sphere) is the methodologically correct direction of work here.

5:4. But real serious esoteric work will consist in learning to move with concentration of consciousness between all layers of this scheme (not on the picture of course, and not in one’s imagination but in the real multidimensional space), like one moves with concentration of consciousness inside one’s body.

5:5. Another difficulty with understanding this scheme is that the human multidimensional organism is divided into two parts by a vertical plane (“Mirror”), which is always located behind the anahata chakra within the chest of one’s body (that is behind one’s back if one’s body is in a vertical position). Behind the “Mirror” there are non-differentiated components of the Absolute, in front of it there are differentiated ones: energetic constituents condensed to the material state, individual paradisiacal souls and individual Manifestations of the Holy Spirit coming out of the Abode of the Creator.

5:6. Each of the sectors shown on the scheme represents an entrance into a certain layer (eon, loka) of the multidimensional space. Moving between the “floors” of this multidimensional “building” by the “stairs” that connect the “floors”9, as it were, one can enter the “hall” of each “floor” and realize its immensity.

5:7. This is the every human being’s potential, and the structure of the Absolute is the same. It consists of the same layers; and of them the principal layer is God-the-Father (Heavenly Father, Creator, Svarog, Allah, Adibuddha, Ishvara, Primordial Consciousness — these and other words are His names in different languages).

5:8. But hell and its inhabitants are not a part of the Absolute. The hell is the “outer darkness” that Jesus spoke about. The hell is a “sewer”, a place where the waste of the evolutionary process goes to. Those go to hell who used to live in coarse emotional states during their embodied life. These are the states in which they continue to suffer after the death of the body.

5:9. Inhabitants of hell are called demons or devils; the latter ones are more energetically powerful (for more details see [1]). All of them are infinitesimally small compared to the boundless Creator. The so-called Satan — their “leader” — does not exist except in literary allegories and ideological tales.

But the hell inhabitants can lead a quite real struggle for people’s souls by provoking them to thoughts, emotions and actions that lead them in the direction opposite from the Creator. This struggle is guided by God and is necessary: by exercising one’s free will (i.e. the freedom of choice in ethically important situations) one demonstrates to God whether he is worthy to approach the Abode of the Creator or not.

This entire educational process of ours (including both theoretical and practical studies, and also exams) is conducted under guidance of the Holy Spirit; He leaves no one without His attention and His help, and nothing can happen that would be beyond His awareness or out of His control.



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Structure of a human organism and structure of the Absolute