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Book of Vladimir Antonov "The New Upanishad: Structure and Cognition of the Absolute"

"The ground for successful spiritual growth is karma-yoga — serving God by helping people in all that is good, without expecting rewards, i.e. without self-interest".

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We have discussed the methodology and specific methods of the shortest Path of spiritual self-realization in other works [1-9 and others]. So, here we are only going to dwell briefly on this subject.

Having incarnated, we remain watched and guided by God in the aspect of Brahman (the Holy Spirit), Who is not somewhere �high above�, "in the sky", but always everywhere, in particular, under the matter of our bodies — in the subtlest lokas. (This is emphasized several times in the New Testament.) And the distance to the Abode of the Creator, as Jesus said [12], is not larger than the thickness of a foil. And nothing happens to anyone without God knowing about it.

The task might appear to be very easy: one just needs to learn to move deep inside right where one�s body is — to the Abode of the Creator... But the problem is that passages to It are secret and God reveals them only to His worthy disciples — i.e. ethically pure and refined souls, who have demonstrated a fervent and sincere desire to know Him and to merge with Him. That is, one should fall in love with Him and prove that one's love is steadfast.

What are the main obstacles in the way to the highest lokas? Krishna answered in the following way [6]: "Lust, anger, and greed", — i.e. attachments to earthly things plus coarse emotions and egocentrism.

And what leads us to Him? It is cultivation of various components of love, refinement of consciousness, and correct practice of meditation.

The ground for successful spiritual growth is karma-yoga — serving God by helping people in all that is good, without expecting rewards, i.e. without self-interest. Instead of having self-interest, one must realize God's interest and act accordingly. Living according to this principle is the best way to develop the main components of Divinity — Love, Wisdom, and Power. And this way of life provides us with the best conditions for receiving help from God.

How does God help us?

First, He gives to all people instructions on how to live righteously — contained in the holy scriptures.

Second, when necessary, He sends to us certain spirits or brings us to certain people, who prompt us on what is right to do.

Third, He takes part in it Himself — guiding us, showing the way, advising, and teaching. He performs this through His Brahmanic Manifestations, collectively called Brahman.

Now, where can one find Brahman, how can one see, hear, and feel Him?

Brahman is a totality of the Creator's manifestations, Who arise from His Abode to help embodied and non-embodied beings, plus Consciousnesses of those embodied people, who have achieved oneness with Brahman (Mahatmas).

Brahman is present inside and around our planet3.

Having entered the lokas of purusha and prakriti Divine Individuals can condense Their State to a certain level — in order to make it easier for inhabitants of the corresponding loka to perceive Them. In other words, Brahmanic Consciousness, perceived as Divine Fire, exists in three states that differ in density, that correspond to the three �storeys� of the Structure of the Absolute. This is the �threefold nature of Divine Fire�, mentioned in the beginning of this book.

For example, Brahmanic Individualities can create Their giant anthropomorphic (i.e. similar to human body) Forms (Mahadoubles). It is possible to talk with Divine Teachers Who accept such Forms, like with visible persons: one can see the expression on Their faces change; They speak and use gestures to show and explain various tasks. One can embrace Them, and merge with Them by entering Their energy forms.

Divine Teachers gladly present Their Mahadoubles to Their worthy disciples for use as patterns for attunement and volumes for filling with their consciousnesses. It allows the latter to grow quickly and easily by moving gradually through the energy Body of the Teacher to the subtlest loka and merging there with Paramatman. Most successfully it can be done at special "places of power" [5-7].

During the spiritual growth process a disciple of God should cognize the Absolute in all lokas at both sides of the "Mirror".

Entering the Abode is possible from both the state of Divine Fire and from the protopurusha loka. The second option was described by apostle Philip as a passage through the "Veil" — a boundary between the protopurusha loka and the Abode of the Creator [8].

What are the criteria of self-check, so that one could determine one�s true location in the multidimensional Absolute? It is only the developed ability to see with "the eyes of the consciousness" that can help — the consciousness of the spiritual heart that moves deep inside the Ocean of the Absolute from the anahata chakra.

By developing ourselves in this way we learn to perceive Brahmanic Fire of Divine Teachers� Consciousnesses of various density, which They manifest in different lokas. The subtlest of such states is like the light of the rising sun. Our task is to learn to become this Light.

Exploring the akasha lokas on the other side of the "Mirror" we perceive, first, that there is a state of Peace as it were of a tender southern starlit night. When we go deeper, we perceive that there is a "pre-dawn" state with "lightened sky". Even deeper — in the Abode — we can perceive a dim light, similar to that morning light just before dawn, when everywhere there is also absolute harmony and peace�

The Divine Consciousness is Perfect Purity. Having passed through the "Mirror" to the side of the Creation It becomes like Fire, or the subtlest Light. Refined individual consciousnesses are also pure and light. But the "astral" souls are gray, while those of hell inhabitants are black.

Using their Atmic energy kundalini, which is stored in a special reservoir connected with the muladhara chakra, and gradually strengthening their presence (including self-awareness) in Brahmanic Fire, having become one with Brahman — successful disciples of God get ready for the ultimate Mergence with Paramatman4.

It is only at the stage of development when the Absolute is cognized to the extent, described above (i.e. when a disciple has cognized the highest loka and learned to merge with Paramatman) — is it appropriate to say that the disciple has attained the state of advaita (a union with the Higher Self).




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The ground for successful spiritual growth is karma-yoga — serving God by helping people in all that is good, without expecting rewards, i.e. without self-interest.