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"Book of the Warrior of the Spirit"

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Anton Teplyy

Book of the Warriors of the Spirit

Under the editorship of Vladimir Antonov
and with his commentary

Translated from Russian into English by
Anton Teplyy

� Anton Teplyy, Vladimir Antonov, 2012

In this book, words of advice from God are given in parable form. These words of advice are about the qualities that a successful spiritual seeker should have.

In the commentary, written by the scientist-biologist Dr. Vladimir Antonov, well-known for his numerous books and films dedicated to the spiritual themes, detailed explanations about the methodology of the spiritual development are given.

This book is for all those people who are not interested in the ritual aspect of religion, but in the practical realization of the main commandment of Jesus Christ: �Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect� (Matthew 5:48).


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