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Book of Vladimir Antonov "Forest Lectures on the Highest Yoga"

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Vladimir Antonov

Forest Lectures on the Highest Yoga

The work on creating the lectures was done with participation of: Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Ekaterina Smirnova, Dmitry Osipov, Svetlana Eremina.

Translated from Russian by Mikhail Nikolenko and Anton Teplyy

“New Atlanteans”, 2008
ISBN 978-1-201910-47-6
© Antonov V.V., 2010.

This book presents a series of lectures about the higher stages of human spiritual development. The lectures describe the methodologies of the main philosophico-religious traditions that existed in the past or exist now on the Earth.

This material illustrates the fact that the methodology of spiritual development is one for all people and that in this way God leads all people to Perfection.

The book is addressed to everyone aspiring to find and to realize the meaning of our lives on the Earth, to cognize our common Creator, to achieve spiritual Perfection.


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