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Buddhi developing and cognizing the Absolute

"Disciples teach how to develop chakras, meridians, the "bubbles of perception", how to reach Samadhi and certain levels of Nirvana."

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Buddhi developing and cognizing the Absolute

Question: How is one to study all this? How can one develop the buddhi? How can one come to the Father and cognize the Absolute?

Answer: In earlier stages of work with students, we teach them how to become ethically purer, provide them with theoretical knowledge so that they do not get lost in search for their ways in the multidimensional Ocean of the Creation. Then we teach them how to develop chakras, meridians, the bubbles of perception, how to reach Samadhi and certain levels of Nirvana. In the course of this work, the buddhi is being developed. A significant part in the process of crystallization is played by meditations on the places of power.

But in the following higher stages of work, teaching cannot be of the same type. There, a person has to be guided not by an instructor, but solely by love to the Father. Only this love can be a motive power. The condition for acquiring this power is the state of “facing God”. When it is God, not even the school or students, who occupies the first place in us (namely, from the standpoint of the activity of the emotional “center”) — only then may the further part of the Path be realized.



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