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Carlos Castaneda's describing of "assemblage point"

"The "assemblage point" is not a point at all, but a region, a zone, in which the energy of consciousness is distributed."

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Carlos Castaneda's describing of “assemblage point”

Question: In the beginning, Carlos Castaneda writes about the assemblage point as a point on the cocoon, but in other places � differently...

Answer: Castaneda misunderstood Juan Matus and mistook one particular case of placement of the assemblage point as the definition of this concept. The assemblage point is not a point at all, but a region, a zone, in which the energy of the consciousness is distributed. A consciousness is energy. A lump of the energy of consciousness can assume various forms. Moving it within the body and outside of it, giving it different form, shifting from one spatial dimension into another � this constitutes shifting of the assemblage point.



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