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Question: Juan Matus said that with a birth of a child, one loses “completeness” of oneself, which results in formation of a “hole” in one’s cocoon, through which the energy leaks out. Is it true?

Answer: What meant here is not the fact of birth of a child, but distribution of the parent’s attention. Juan Matus explained it a bit mechanistically, but we have to understand the essence of this phenomenon. In particular, Gorda, a disciple of Juan Matus, abandoned her two children, entrusting their raising to her relative — for the sake of restoring her “completeness”. I advise you against following her example.

What is completeness versus incompleteness?

Incompleteness is duality, that is distribution of one’s attention to both the “earthly” and the divine. The objects of such duality may be (but not necessarily) one’s own children but, of course, not only them.

Completeness implies directing the attention only to God. Completeness can be achieved only by very few people. And objectively very few of us need it: the rest of us have to perfect themselves in quite “earthly” situations until the stable “inner” need in completeness develops.

But even those few people who are really ready for completeness should not abandon their children. One has just to learn to treat them without being attached, that is with love and care, without making them “mine!” among other children and people.



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