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Abandoning everything on the path to God

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Abandoning everything on the path to God
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Question: If my Goal is clear to me and this Goal is the path to God, should I abandon everything right now and go only into this?

Answer: How do you understand �going only into this�? Every one has to be engaged specifically in that type of activity, which corresponds to the current stage of one�s development. And this is both exoteric, i.e. usual, �earthly� occupations, and esoteric ones; but also various. The most general answer to your question may be this: a person develops in the best way in the process of his/her active Love-service to other people. Apostle Paul said about this the following: serve with your highest gifts, striving to develop in yourself still higher abilities for service! So let all of us learn and share our knowledge and skills with other people! And this will be the Path to God for each of us.

Only the one who cognized Atman and resides in Him � that one alone, according to Krishna�s Teaching, is delivered from the duty to be active on the Earth. But such people act in the same manner as Krishna did, for Love does not allow them to be idle when there are those who need help.



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