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Places of Power

"Places of power" are geographical zones, sometimes large, sometimes small, possessing energy fields that are of importance for people."


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"... Primordial Consciousness that dwells in the deepest and the subtlest primary plane of the multidimensional Universe..."

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Places of Power


Vladimir Antonov

Translated by T. Danilevich

Now we are going to deal with a very interesting ecological phenomenon having great significance for spiritual work. This is so called "places of power".

The given term initially appeared in speech of Juan Matus whose teaching will be dealt with in one of my next talks.

"Places of power" are geographical zones, sometimes large, sometimes small, possessing energy fields that are of importance for people.

It should be noted at the beginning that there exists a similar and sometimes closely related phenomenon-energy fields created by plants and technical devices (transformers, electric wires of high voltage and so on).

"Places of power" may be found on the surface of earth, underground (for example, in metro), above it, as well as by water reservoirs.

The nature of major part of "places of power" can be explained as follows. Earth (as a planet) is a multidimensional structure. In it there exist all manifestations of multidimensional space — from the rude physical plane up to the plane of Ishvara. Depending on structure of crystalline grate of Earth as a whole or of separate parts of its crust, energy fields of these or those space dimensions may dominate in certain places or, the other way round, may be weaker. So some "places of power" look like "holes" in dense space dimensions "filled" with the energy of this or that thin layer of energy. There are also "places of power" where in such a way are manifested even the supreme space dimensions — there Brahman or Ishvara dominate.

According to Juan Matus "places of power" are divided into positive and negative ones. To the first ones belong places that give their energy away to people, to the latter — places taking it away. However our experience reveal that the first ones are not necessarily favorable and the latter — unfavorable. For example, there are "places of power" that "suck out" the energy and that can be used for purging organism from rude, pathogenic energies that is for healing. And vice versa, some "places of power" possessing an excess of energy may be detrimental rather than beneficial in case their energy is rude or contains undesirable informative characteristics, inducing, for instance, alarm, depression and so on.

That is why it is better to subdivide "places of power" into positive and negative according to the criterion of their emotional evaluation. In this case places with excess of unfavorable energies will belong to the group of negative "places of power". But one should keep in mind that this criterion is also relative. So, places with rude energies may prove useful for someone...

It is necessary to point out that lately some authors sometimes try to define "places of power" through the terms "abnormal" or "geo-pathogenic" zones. This is not right. They are not "abnormal" that is "incorrect". And all the more the term "pathogenic" zones that is "zones, inherent to Earth, causing illnesses" does not fit all "places of power".

"Places of power" can, in principle, be found with the help of dowsing rods and pendulums. But, unlike developed consciousness they provide very poor impression of this phenomenon. With the help of a dowsing rod or pendulum one can only say, that here is a "place of power", that "there is something over here". Biolocation method in the given case is akin to the situation where a poor-sighted person defines whether it is light or dark here. But a person with normal vision perceives the whole gamut of colors, and not only colors, but also emotional quality of their combinations and iridescence, he sees their life. That is the difference between mechanical, through devices, determination of energy gradients accompanying "places of power" and their perception directly with one's own organism through attunement of one's developed consciousness with their multidimensional manifestations.

"Places of power" are, truly, most varied.

There are such ones that selectively activate anahata or vishudha, or jen-mo meridian, granting us bliss.

While there are those that bring about "hypertrophied" feeling of one's "I" bloated and arrogant.

There are also such places that produce "groundless" joy, laughter in everyone present there.

Also there exist those that devastate people energetically which can result in "deadly" tiredness and diseases, if one settles there to live or just to take a rest.

While at the expense of other places it is possible to heal oneself and to restore one's strength.

Still other "places of power" generate alarm, fear. A person who is aware of the reason just makes a few steps backwards. But an ignorant one can easily become a prey to mystical dread.

There also exist places that cause aggressiveness, a state of "drunken animosity". And so forth.

So we see that this knowledge can make the life of each of us easier while ignorance can result in a lot of unnecessary hardships.

Knowledge allows to use favorably negative "places of power" as well. One example was given above. There is another one. The place of "loneliness and anguish" we used in our work to know the state of being solitary. Not loneliness of one's being separated from other people but a state of being alone in the whole Universe before God — that is detachment from everything earthly when I remain with Him in private in the Ocean of multidimensional Universe.

In such a way negative "places of power" can be subdivided into two groups:

1) taking energy away;

2) creating undesirable (in usual conditions) psychic states.

Now — concerning the variants of positive "places of power".

The first group compose the "places of power" containing the excess of favorable energy which they give away to people easily. This energy can be more rude in one case and subtler in another. Sometimes the narrow range of energies dominates which differs along the criterion of "subtlety-rudeness", sometimes the wide range dominates. Energy, which is not sufficiently subtle, can be used by means of passing it along "microcosmic orbit" and sublimating it in such a way into subtler energies. As to filling one's organism with subtle energies this can be done through "crystallization". That is "crystallization" can be performed not only at the expense of energy extracted from food, but also getting it directly from space at the "places of power".

The second group of positive "places of power" compose those that activate some energy structure of organism (chakra, meridian and others), creating thus a certain state of emotional sphere.

In the third group there are "places of power" giving this or that form to consciousness (or, in words of Juan Matus, shifting the location of "assemblage point"). This quality of theirs allows to train mobility, "elasticity" of consciousness developing it, as well as train sensing oneself to be consciousness — active and strong.

"Places of power" of the fourth group transfer consciousness (provided it is sufficiently developed) into this or that space dimension. This is also a kind of gymnastics for consciousness. Juan Matus said that prior to starting a really big, serious work, an adept has to preliminarily to transfer the "assemblage point" tens of thousands times. Consciousness must become mobile, easily flowing along the whole scale of "emanations range" within multidimensional space, be able of acting at any distances. This is what "crystallized" consciousness is.

Into the fifth group such "places of power" can be included that imprint in themselves a state of a person (or people). Such are, for instance, "places of power" formed in places of meditations or on the graves of highly advanced in spirituality people.

"Places of power" exist everywhere. I came across them in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Prague, in towns, in the woods, on swamps, in mountains.

A question naturally arises: how can one find them by himself?

The first thing required for this is to take consciousness out of the head; mind must be silent.

Secondly, we must search for God at this time, the Path to Him rather than solve earthly problems.

Thirdly, at the outset of this practice the following technique may prove to be helpful. One should feel himself to be clad in wide, bell-formed skirts, which start right from the neck. Then one has to fill the whole of the space under this skirt by himself. Draw your head into there. And in this state roll easily along the surface of Earth, among fields, meadows, woods... Feel Earth...

This is it — a wonderful lesson in ecology of multidimensional space!



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Places of Power