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"Rajneesh is one of our contemporaries... who in reality achieved the Divine Perfection and mastered the supreme Wisdom and Love, as well as got rooted in Brahman's dimension and obtained the ability to unite with Ishvara."


What is God
"... Primordial Consciousness that dwells in the deepest and the subtlest primary plane of the multidimensional Universe..."

What is man
"... Man is... consciousness, i.e. living energy, capable of self-awareness and that possesses mind and memory..."

The meaning of life
"The question of the meaning of one’s life gets inevitably raised before any man who matures in his\her development..."


(lecture before showing of video about Rajneesh)

Vladimir Antonov

Translated by T. Danilevich


Rajneesh was born in India to the family of Jains. He received secular education, had the doctorate in philosophy, and was conversant with diverse religious trends existing on the Earth. He is an expert of the Teaching of Jesus Christ, of traditional Indian, Muslim, Jewish teachings, of spiritual heritage of the schools of Gurdjieff and Juan Matus. He was a person of a very wide scope of knowledge.

When young he came across a book by Tilopa describing the meditative exercise of buddhi yoga called mahamudra. This is one of the means of dissolving the consciousness in the universe, in the Absolute. This meditation is absolutely inaccessible for those who have no crystallized consciousness. But those who came into current incarnation with the correctly crystallized consciousness (one of such people was Rajneesh), those (and only those) can through "instant enlightenment" (which is spoken much in Zen and Chan Buddhism) suddenly get illuminated and empirically cognize the Truth which consists in the fact that Everything is God and I am not a body, but a consciousness, I am an integral part of God; and what is more, there is no me as a separate being, there is only the Total Being — God.

Here is in what the Supreme Truth is. When a person becomes capable of perceiving it meditatively (not only intellectually) and learns to live and act in this state, then he can be said to have achieved the Perfection.

Having perceived considerable part of the Truth owing to the book of Tilopa, Rajneesh started trying to impart this knowledge to other people. This start was quite unsuccessful. Unsuccessful, because it seemed to him, like to many other people who also embodied in the state close to the Perfection — that it is sufficient to explain others how to enter Nirvana and they will be able to do it at once.

But this is not possible. The reason is that almost all other people are on lower steps of the ladder of their ascent to the Perfection. And they need other techniques of working on themselves. Disciples should be given the possibility to advance with their own tiny steps — that is the only way of helping them.

As we have discussed already, this has to be done along the three directions of spiritual work: ethical, intellectual, and psychoenergetic ones.

Only that spiritual school yields good fruits which works with a great number of methods along all three directions. Such were (among many others), for example, Schools of Yogananda, Juan Matus and later of Rajneesh himself.

But in those young years Rajneesh preached: there is no need in educating in schools and universities, in developing the mind as your intellects are inherent to your brains, and your brains will rot along with your bodies. What is required is expansion of the consciousness, for only consciousness is eternal...

It is true that the way to true immortality lies through development of consciousness. But Rajneesh did not understand at that time that one can develop the consciousness only in case of possessing  a strong tonal (in terms of Juan Matus) — that is body with powerful energetics, plus strong intellect. Tonal has to be strong to such an extent that it can withstand the instance of facing the multidimensional Absolute. If attempts are made to teach the highest meditative techniques to unprepared people, they, at best, do not understand anything and, at worst, their tonals fail to withstand and start to break down. The most frequent example of the latter is development of psychopathology of schizophrenia type on the ground of mystical fear.

In the later years Rajneesh understood that the Perfection is the result of complex development of a person and that the highest meditative techniques are fit only to those who performed enormous intellectual preparation. Then he organized courses of education "for all who wish", and started teaching the highest meditative techniques only to the selected disciples, prepared for this in all aspects. And they managed to master the supreme knowledge firmly. These disciples with developed meditative capacities are well seen in the films among a number of just joyous followers.

Rajneesh, as he formed in the result of his laborious life, is not only a great Master of meditation, but is a great philosopher, a true Sage. The highest credit should be given to his Mustard Seed book where, he analyses and comments to the apocryphal gospel of Jesus Christ from Thomas. I highly recommend this book to everyone.



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Rajneesh is one of our contemporaries... who in reality achieved the Divine Perfection and mastered the supreme Wisdom and Love, as well as got rooted in Brahman's dimension and obtained the ability to unite with Ishvara