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We are a scientific-spiritual School successfully working for about 30 years in Russia under a direct guidance of God. During this time we were taught by many Divine Teachers including Jesus Christ, Krishna, Huang Di, Ptahotep, Babaji from Haidakhan, Sathya Sai Baba, Juan Matus and many Others. They initiated us into the supreme knowledge, including such spiritual directions as Hesychasm, Raja and Buddhi yoga, Kriya yoga, Kundalini yoga, Sufism.

Among other things,

— They helped us to develop the ideas of Hesychasm, enriching it with new methods, which allow one to traverse the Path to cognition of God incomparably faster than it was done by our predecessors,

— we also know now in all completeness what exactly meant Krishna, speaking about Buddhi yoga,

— we have cognized the structure of the Absolute, thanks to the help provided to us, first of all, by Huang Di and Ptahotep,

— Babaji initiated us into the heights of Kriya yoga created by Him — into that supreme knowledge, which have never been published and will never be published — for the sake of saving it from unworthy people,

— Avatar of our days Sathya Sai Baba not only presented us with His Divine Caress and Care, but also directly supervised our meditative growth, allowing us to cognize the Higher Self and to begin to be It,

— Sacral and Sarkar helped us to learn and fully realize the methods of work with the Atmic energy Kundalini, which are unknown to the modern embodied people, including its full “unarchiving” and subsequent merging of all energies of the organism with the Primordial Consciousness,

— Juan Matus (Don Juan) enriched our work, in particular, with the knowledge about places of power, without which so high efficiency of this work would be impossible,

— Sufi Grand-Master, Divine Imam, Suliya, Karas and other Sufi Teachers, who reached in the past the full spiritual self-realization in Mergence with the Creator, initiated us into the knowledge of the true Sufic Straight Path,

— Jesus Christ's Apostles Phillip, John, Mark, Andrew, Matthew, Lutheran Divine Teachers, also Odin, Assyris, Ngomo, Surya, Lada, Elizabeth Haich, Annie Besant, Nikifor, Eagle, Kayr, Lao, Lyn, Rada, Yasin, Jeremy, Maenuel, Yamamuto, Yukteswar, Yogananda, Peter, Alexey, Eaglestform, Juan Matus, Genaro and very many other Representatives of the Creator provided Divine Contributions to the work of helping people through our scientific group.

Under the guidance of God we have realized almost in fullness the Teachings of Jesus Christ, Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Babaji, Sathya Sai Baba and other Messengers of the Creator. They helped us to cognize the whole structure of the multidimensional space, including the Abode of the Creator, to enter the state of Mergence with Him and to come out from His Abode into the world of Creation. Nirvana, which was taught by Krishna and Gautama Buddha, is the state cognized by us long ago.

Babaji named this modern scientific-religious knowledge the Divine Way of Spiritual Heart.

It represents a connection of theology, biology, psychology, ecology — with practical religious knowledge, combined by us into a new scientific direction: Methodology of Spiritual Development.

And we, possessing corresponding methodology and techniques, know how to help others on this Path.

In the last decades we have published tens books, some of them translated into English and other languages, have created a number of educational videofilms, have helped many people with mastering in practice the methods of the spiritual Path.

In contrast to religious organizations and movements, which build their views on the base of belief, we, as scientists, rely on knowledge received through direct experience; at that, the results have a perfect repeatability both for the same and for different researchers. Also our knowledge is completely in accord with the fundamentals of all generally recognized philosophical-religious doctrines. This knowledge is all-embracing and completely logical both in general and in details. And it is fully confirmed by God.

God specifies that this knowledge should become the property of all people on our planet.

Would you like to go this Path and to become participants of this process, which Babaji designated as the Mahakranti — the Great Spiritual Transformation, the Spiritual Revolution in the outlook of people living on our planet?

Study the materials on our web site, try to introduce them into your lives and help others in it!

Contribute to translating our books and films into other languages!

Create centers for studying these materials!

The Divine Teachers and we — are ready to help you in this!

Modern advanced Hesychasm  Buddhi yoga  Kriya yoga  Kundalini yoga  Sufism

Principal theses

What is God
"The word God (with capital G) in the first place should be interpreted as Primordial Consciousness that dwells in the deepest and the subtlest primary plane of the multidimensional Universe..."
What is Man
"Man is not his body, but consciousness, i.e. living energy, capable of self-awareness and that possesses mind and memory..."
The Meaning of Life
"The question of the meaning of one’s life gets inevitably raised before any man who matures in his\her development..."

Modern advanced Hesychasm  Buddhi yoga  Kriya yoga  Kundalini yoga  Sufism
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Kundalini Awakening
The role and goals of the kundalini awakening. Preparatory stages required for this.
Cleansing and Development of Chakras
Methods for work with chakras and meridians. Mantras for chakras.
What is Love
"Love... manifests it Self as care, tenderness, devotion, self-sacrifice, active service to God, which is realized through service to other people called karma-yoga..."
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Modern advanced Hesychasm — Buddhi Yoga — Kriya Yoga — Kundalini Yoga — Sufism