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Man — Nature — God

Let souls become filled with pure emotions of love — and let this love grow in us infinitely!

Man — Nature — God Man — Nature — God Man — Nature — God

Contacts with living nature are essential for spiritual growth.

... Nature also consists of a multitude of living beings: animals, plants, which, as a rule, are more refined as a consciousness and enjoy incomparably greater inner peace than most people. An average modern person has to come a long way in order to attain their level of LOVE and PEACE and has a right to say that he or she started to develop spiritually.

Moreover, only in open natural landscapes — in contrast to "boxes" of city apartments and "corridors" of streets — is it possible to expand, to open wide the refined consciousness in order to literally grow its size.

... Let me repeat that emotions are states of the consciousness. And the consciousness is what we are. Depending on what states of the consciousness we experience — we can be closer or farther from the Creator.

God in the aspect of the Creator is the highest degree of refinement of the energy of the consciousness. Is it clear to us now, which direction we should move regarding development of our emotional sphere?

This photogallery can help us master subtle emotional states of love for nature at the initial stages of spiritual work.

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Editor Dr.Vladimir Antonov

Authors of photos:
Ekaterina Smirnova
Larisa Vavulina
Anna Zubkova
Maria Shtil
Mikhail Nikolenko

Some captions of the photos use fragments of verses by Anna Zubkova and Svetlana Eremina.

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Photogallery and video films for spiritual self-perfection