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The meaning of life

There is the meaning of human life. The meaning of life consists in conscious self-perfection (as a consciousness, soul) in the qualitative and quantitative aspects with the goal of attaining Divinity and merging with the Creator.

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The meaning of human life


"The question of the meaning of one’s life gets inevitably raised before any man who matures in his development, moving up from the instinctive-reflexive stage to the really human one, at which intellect begins to dominate in choosing one’s way of living and conduct.

Many philosophers have been racking their brains over this question. But the majority of them were not able to comprehend the true God’s philosophy, while perverted conceptions created by numerous sects could not satisfy them. As a result the question about the meaning of human life was “declared” by many philosophers to be a “pseudo-question”, i.e. the one that cannot be answered by its own nature. This atheistic concept assumed, in fact, that man is not dramatically different from animals and the objective meaning of his existence on Earth is just... reproduction, ensuring the survival of the human race and creation of material values for the descendants. Therefore no spiritual efforts are necessary, and ethics in relationships with other leaving beings can be neglected...

“What’s our life? – A game... Good, evil – only dreams... Work, honesty – just tales for the females...” And a suicide “when the time comes” is the only right move for those worthy of respect ...

But the Truth is that there is the meaning of human life.

It consists in development of consciousness, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Qualitative development consists in intellectual and ethical perfection, as well as in refining of consciousness. Quantitative aspect implies a direct increase of the amount of the refined energy of consciousness.

The latter reflects, among other things, the level of so called “personal power” – the psychoenergetic might of the particular individual mass of consciousness that depends on the quantity of the energy of consciousness, or in other words on the size of a given soul.

According to this quantitative criterion souls are classified by God into “minor” and “major” ones [9]. But regardless of this classification each of them can possess both positive and negative properties. God calls the “minor” souls that have developed negative properties demoniac ones; if in addition to this they have accumulated significant amount of “personal power” they are considered diabolic, or devils. They could be encountered either in embodied or non-embodied form. Hell is their abode while they are in the non-embodied state; when they do get embodied – this takes place in “hellish” conditions, where they will be experiencing the results of their bad karma (the fate they created for themselves). In this way God suggests that they experience what the pain, which they were causing to other living beings, is like. He does this in order to help them to become better, to make it urgent for them to think about their ways, about the meaning of human life, about God and the Path to Him...

But those people who develop in the right direction at increasing speed rush into embraces of their beloved God; their lives become filled more and more with Divine happiness and exultation of Divine Love.

So, what does God want us to become, specifically?"


The purpose of life and its realization

"The Evolution (the positive development) of the Universal Consciousness, called the Absolute, goes on by means of incarnating particles of His energy into material bodies (on planets suitable for existence of organic life) and through further development of the latter in those bodies.

The growth process of every such energy particle begins on lattices of minerals and then proceeds sequentially in vegetal, animal, and human bodies.

At the human stage of development – after many successful incarnations into human bodies – every such energy unit (unit of consciousness, soul), that represents a "lump" of self-aware and intelligent energy, receives an opportunity to merge with the Creator and thus to enrich Him with itself. It is for this purpose that God creates physical worlds in various parts of the universe.

Thus, the purpose of human life consists in conscious self-perfection (as a consciousness, soul) in the qualitative and quantitative aspects with the goal of attaining Divinity and merging with the Creator.

The Creator provides people with information about this through prophets and by incarnating the Consciousness of Those Who have already attained Perfection and merged with God into human bodies. He also directs the process of development of all embodied souls through the Holy Spirit and other spirits. (It is manifested, in particular, as realization of the so-called “karmic law” in the destinies of people).

The Creator is interested in that only worthy souls approach His Abode. Providing people with the freedom to choose their paths ("free will"), including slightly limited freedom in making errors, is what makes it possible to select worthy ones.

At earlier stages of his development, a person can evolve through learning to control his body, through providing good living conditions for himself and for others, as well as through reproductive activity. At the next stage he energetically develops his intellect through acquiring and operating with scientific knowledge and personal creativity in scientific and various business activities. At the higher stage he acquires esoteric and religious knowledge and learns methods of self-perfection.

It is through meditation training that one learns to enter increasingly subtle layers of the Creation and to settle there. The final step on this Path is entering the Abode of the Creator and Merging with Him there. One’s permanent establishment in this status constitutes the end of the individual soul’s evolution.

The Creator is One, because All Who have merged with Him exist in the primordial eon in a "mutually dissolved" state, and Everyone experiences Themselves simultaneously as unified “I” and “non-I”, i.e. “Him”, as One Universal Self. There are no individual souls-consciousnesses in the Abode of the Creator.

But such Perfect Souls may continue to help people by individualizing Parts of the Self in the world of the Creation. They help incarnate people by either acting from a non-embodied state or by incarnating in human bodies. In the latter case They are called – in different languages – Messiahs, Christs, Avatars, etc. They are consubstantial with God-the-Father (Ishvara) and with the Holy Spirit (Brahman).

They are many. The most well-known of Them during the current stage of the evolution on Earth are Huang-Di, Krishna, Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Haidakhan’s Babaji, and Sathya Sai Baba (Their teachings are analyzed in the book [6]).

... The prerequisite for walking the spiritual Path consists in accepting the principle of Love. "God is Love" – this fundamental formula was declared for the people of Earth by Jesus Christ. Avatar of modern days – Sathya Sai Baba – is constantly repeating and explaining the same principle in His discourses.

In particular, it follows from this formula that for the sake of self-perfection, for the sake of cultivating Divinity in ourselves and approaching the Creator – we should also gradually transform ourselves into steadfast Love.

The call "to transform oneself into Love" acquires a concrete meaning if the nature of the human organism and the methods of its perfecting are understood in a scientific way (for more details see [4,5,7,8]). In order to understand this, one has to accept the following basic principles:

Human being is not a body, but consciousness (soul) that lives in the body and is temporarily connected with it.

Emotions are states of consciousness.

The organs responsible for generation of emotions are chakras (not the brain). In particular, anahata chakra (located in the chest) is responsible for generation of different variations of Love. A completely formed spiritual heart occupies the whole volume of the chest. This organ can be easily developed with the help of special psychoenergetic techniques by people who are ready for this.

Omitting many less important details, which one can find in the books mentioned above, we could state that further development of a man on the Path towards Merging with God consists in the growth of his consciousness that expands from the anahata chakra. This growth then continues in the space around his physical body, then the spiritual heart grows to contain our whole planet in the aspect of "Earth’s consciousness", afterwards it grows in subtler eons on the galaxy scale and then on that of the universe.

Development of oneself as the spiritual heart is the only way of approaching the Creator, cognizing Him, and Merging with Him.

... We have already mentioned that the positive evolution of individual consciousness has two main aspects: qualitative and quantitative.

We have just discussed the quantitative aspect: it is represented by direct growth of the "lump" of the individual soul’s energy – from the miniature to the cosmic size. It is not difficult to perform this process if one has the necessary knowledge and knows the methods of this kind of work (including meditations on special "places of power”, specially suited for each level of initiation, as well as other techniques). It takes from one to two years, sometimes even less.

But it is much more difficult to ensure the qualitative perfection of the soul. The latter is comprised of the following three components: ethical, intellectual, and also refinement.

The ethical component implies a compassionate and caring attitude towards all forms of life, including plants, animals, and humans. Making animals suffer and killing them for the sake of one's egoistic gluttony or for the sake of no less vicious fancy of dressing in articles made of fur or leather – all this is incompatible with true Love and with claims of spiritual progress.

Ethical self-correction also implies total elimination of all qualities of the soul that are incompatible with the principle of Love: i.e. various forms of anger, violence, arrogance, self-admiration, egoistic sexuality, and other manifestations of human egocentrism. It is to be done by means of conscious penitence and self-control.

On the contrary, one should by all means cultivate Love in its various aspects: care, tenderness, willingness to give, rather than to take, as well as self-sacrifice for the sake of the evolutionary progress of others.

The ethical component of the development of man also implies cultivation of love to the Creator and devotion to Him – accompanied with gradual replacement of self-centeredness with God-centeredness. But before one can do this, one has to understand what God is. And then – through many initiations into meditation techniques and mastering of them – the seeker gradually cognizes increasingly subtle "layers" of the multidimensional Absolute and learns to merge with the consciousness that abides in them. This path leads to the deepest "layer" – the Abode of the Creator – and there, like a drop merges with a sea, he merges with Him – with the Boundless Universal Ocean of Primordial Consciousness.

On this Path a seeker necessarily encounters numerous "temptations" and frightening situations, created by God through contacts of the seeker with wicked people and non-embodied spirits. And only people who have sufficient life experience and developed intellect can withstand such testing ordeals.

Intellectual development also has three components: enrichment of erudition, the creative component, and the ability to discriminate between false and true views. In order to acquire these qualities it is helpful to get an education, to participate in various social activities on helping other people in everything that is good, to study religious experience of many schools, as well as to have personal religious experience.

It is clear that many psychogenetically and ontogenetically young people, in particular those who have not accumulated enough experience in the current incarnation, and who are immature in terms of their intellect and ethics, will not be able to hold their ground at the high levels of spiritual ascent. They, at best, voluntarily give up spiritual work or, at worst, get involved into various religious perversions or childish “religion” games. (The examples of this are given in [2,7]). The most dangerous consequence of this can be psychopathology of a schizophrenia type. (Another type of sad delay on the Path towards Self-realization, caused by social inexperience of a psychogenetically mature soul in the current incarnation, is described in the very valuable book [17]). This is why, when it comes to spiritual initiations of high level, it is better to give less than to over-give. For, if the optimal speed is exceeded, one can easily "fly off the road". And only a Divine Teacher can determine the optimal speed for a disciple that would be adequate to his abilities.

The third component of the qualitative aspect of the individual soul’s development consists in the refining (increasing the level of subtlety) of consciousness. It is by the level of their subtlety (or coarseness) that spatial dimensions of the multidimensional Absolute differ. They are like discreet radio frequency ranges. The subtlest "layer" of the Universal Consciousness is the Creator. On the opposite end there is the abode of devils and demons; this is hell.

Spatial dimensions are not mathematical abstractions. For developed and subtle consciousness, they represent quite visible layers. The boundaries between them look like the one between water and transparent oil poured in the same glass container.

After disembodiment, an individual consciousness settles in the layer that corresponds to the state, to living in which it accustomed itself during its life in the body. (The author testifies about this, in particular, based on his experience of two clinical deaths, described in the book [2]). Therefore, we should hurry to eliminate all coarse emotional states in ourselves and by all means foster the subtlest ones – for the death of the physical body is nearing every day. Subtle emotions can be cultivated by means of attuning to the subtlest phenomena of living nature, to sublime art forms, and through the subtlest tenderness, the opportunity to experience, which is created in harmonious sexual relationships and parenthood.

But a quick transformation of the emotional sphere and control of emotions can be gained only through practicing methods of psychic self-regulation, based on working with the emotion-generating organs of the human organism – chakras and some main meridians. One such system of psychic self-regulation was developed and tested for many years by our spiritual School [7,8].

It also needs to be emphasized that a man can improve his status in multidimensional space only during his life in the incarnated state – because "crystallization" of the energy of consciousness (i.e. its accumulation in each new eon, in which a man has to settle) can be performed only with the help of the structures of the physical body responsible for transformation of energy.

* * *

There is a direct correlation between the power of consciousness ("personal power") of a man and the size of the energy "clump" of "his" consciousness (also the ability to move and to act with the consciousness, not with the body). A developed consciousness is like a giant amoeba, which freely extends its arms-tentacles ("indriyas") at long distances, obtains the required information there and acts, if necessary. Or a person can move to another place with almost the whole of himself as consciousness, leaving only a small part of himself in the physical body.

In particular, the mechanism of diagnosing and healing at long distances is exactly like this. Also, telepathic contacts are usually established using the same principle, but not through the electromagnetic radiation of the brain. The efficiency of telepathic contact depends on the size of the consciousnesses of the participants. (Another mechanism consists in using the help of non-embodied consciousnesses).

The mechanism of "major" siddhis (like dematerialization, materialization, teleportation, and levitation) also can be threefold:

The first option is a personal influence of the consciousness, settled in the Abode of the Creator (former individual consciousness). Examples of this are the "wonders" worked by Jesus Christ, Babaji, Sathya Sai Baba, and David Copperfield.

Other cases involve miracles performed by God around a worthy person, even without the latter knowing about it. The purpose of this is to attract the people’s attention to this person’s positive activity and direct their minds to seeking the Truth that is beyond this physical world. Examples of that kind are described in the autobiography of Uri Geller [10].

But, it also happens that "miracles" are performed even around people who have not approached God at all. This is a result of activity of strong spirits who "serve" sorcerers. There are also a plenty of examples of that kind represented by the phenomenon called poltergeist.

* * *

In the practice of our School we carry out our work under the guidance of Divine Teachers. Currently, Their work on Earth is supervised by Sathya Sai Baba. They taught us how to enter all the highest eons, made us familiar with Fiery Brahmanic Manifestations of the Creator that exist within our planet and our galaxy, as well as with His state of Great Peace in the highest eon, on the other side of the “Veil” that separates the Abode of the Creator from all other eons.

And we are willing to share – under Their guidance – this knowledge and experience with all worthy people of Earth.

Our program – in its beginning part – includes theoretical and ethical components that are to be studied by means of reading books and participating in conversations, ecological and aesthetic lessons, mastering relaxation, as well as cleansing and development of chakras and the main meridians.

As early as at this stage people can observe a dramatic improvement of their health; even such diseases as cancer go away. Students develop extrasensory abilities that allow them to diagnose, to heal, to directly determine (without using special instruments) favorable and unfavorable energetic features of space, and to find "places of power".

...But the highest spiritual achievements become possible only in monasticism."


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The meaning of life consists in conscious self-perfection (as a consciousness, soul) in the qualitative and quantitative aspects with the goal of attaining Divinity and merging with the Creator